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  1. New snippet of "Alien Choir". coldplay_1633199451266662.mp4
  2. I wonder if the people that commented here ten years ago are still around and a fan of the band.
  3. Can you send me Making of Ghost Stories, please?
  4. I'm sorry for my ignorance, but what does that would mean?
  5. About the still possible collab with BTS, I've just posted this on the subreddit: I was just discussing on the Coldplay discord with some friends and just came to the best possible conclusion for this whole collab controversy. Coldplay could release "My Universe", or whatever the song might be called in the end, as a solo version and release a remix of the song, now featuring BTS. Lots of artists drop their own version of the song and later release it again featuring a bigger artist on it. The Weekend did that with "Blinding Lights" (remix features Rosalía) and "Save Your Tears" (rem
  6. Yeah, it's the same one, I've compared the audio files of both "performances" in a software and is indeed the same version. The only difference between them is that on the BBC gig, We Are King vocals are more highlighted, better mixed and not as "muffled" during the verses and chorus as on the Glastonbury concert.
  7. We've got clowned again https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2021/05/26/fortnite-is-sending-creators-secret-ufo-images-and-dvds-for-season-7/amp/
  8. Well, since people are talking about the lack of Jonny's guitar on the song, I posted this on Reddit and Discord, maybe this will be a nice place to post it as well. "Hey everyone! A couple days I posted the studio version of Higher Power with Jonny's live guitar included on it. But, as that file was named, it was just an initial test, I was looking for some feedbacks and I just spent the last day trying to improve and mix it better, since I found some bits of the test version a little distracting and too over the top. I highed up Jonny way too much lol Anyways, now it's better mixe
  9. You're probably right about the infinite symbol, is the only one there isn't a planet, so it may be just a sort of a short instrumental or interlude track. I'm also guessing the planet with the moon may represents two songs on the same track. You know, a hidden track just like in Army of One with X Marks the Spot right after.
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