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  1. I guess self-titled equals nameless in most cases, but it is a bit confusing. Most self-titled albums are the first albums that artists release and the message in naming them that way is "this is me, this is my music". Then there's Peter Gabriel, whose first FOUR solo albums are named Peter Gabriel. In this case the albums have gotten some unofficial names like Car, Scratch, Melt and Security or numbers 1-4 to separate them from each other.:)
  2. There seems to be some question whether the five artists listed should include Coldplay. I interpreted the question to be about five favourite bands BESIDES Coldplay, it is the Coldplay forums after all!
  3. Yes I have! And a lake. :D Have you ever ridden a horse?
  4. Old thread, but hear are my five favourite artists (besides Coldplay of course):): Tom Waits. I've been listening to Waits for a looooong time. Lyrics like short movies, many times funny and sad at the same time. The Rolling Stones. Needs no introduction... Peter Gabriel. Another long time favourite, waiting for a new record... Lake Street Dive. New acquaintance, great groove! Just released a new record Free Yourself Up. David Bowie. Long time favourite, the first LP I ever bought was Let's Dance.
  5. I've always had trouble coming up with a name for forums. I want to pick something that I can live with for a long period of time without becoming bored with it. I played around with a couple of names before settling on Charlie Xyloto, which is a combination of Charlie Brown and Mylo Xyloto. I'm still not sure if it's any good, but I'll make it work! The other name I thought about was Daylight/Midnight, but settled on Charlie Xyloto as it's more like a real name...:)
  6. Welcome!!! I joined only two days ago...:)
  7. Thank you Carolina, sorry I somehow missed your post yesterday! :) Yeah, Ghost Stories is full of gems! Besides ASFOS and Magic my faves are Always In My Head and Midnight. That's the kind of album that definitely benefits from hearing it with headphones!
  8. Helsinki, Finland Ghost Stories
  9. I've wondered about that, he mentions God in some lyrics...
  10. Thank you I ran away!:) I will definitely try to get my hands on every release out there. "I Ran Away" must be a great track if you chose that name for yourself!:)
  11. Oh man, they look so young in these pictures!
  12. I'm pretty sure Yellow was the inspiration for the picture, it even has a yellow backgroung to go with the sunflowers.
  13. Thank you coldplaykb!:) Yeah, you can't fake being a genuinely nice person for long. In the clips I've seen they even seem to treat the interviewers as human beings doing their work rather than just a necessary evil. In one interview Chris even congratulated a reporter on his birthday and gave him one of his LOVE buttons! That optimism and love of life that comes across is something that we all really need right now. It's nice to have people to talk to about Coldplay, I'm sure I'll be checking in on the forums as regularly as I can! :)
  14. Chris always refers to Guy as "the handsome one" in the band. :grinning:
  15. Thanks, I'll definitely check out Prospekt's March! Too bad if I have to wait three years for a concert... I do understand their need to get time off since they pretty much made two albums back to back and toured extensively all around the world!
  16. Well, in the spirit of positive thinking I'm sure this WILL be the month!:D
  17. Thank you Zero Theory!:) Yeah, I have been pretty much binging on Coldplay since i got the spark! Thankfully they have created quite a lot of music in the 20 years they've been together, so I can immerse myself on their back catalogue before we get new releases, live or studio. I hope we won't have to wait too long though, I would love to see them live in concert!
  18. Thank you coldplayingmama! :) I'm sure I'll learn a lot about the band here, it's great to have nice people to talk to and ask questions from. And thank you for the photo, that's just priceless! Guy doesn't seem too happy about it though.:D
  19. No. I came in third in cross country skiing once in elementary school, that's the only time I've received a medal of any kind!:D Have you ever lived in another country?
  20. Thank you yoyo2000, you certainly seem to have lovely people here! :)
  21. Fittingly enough I've had Always In My Head playing in my head for five days now.:D I think it's one of the most beautiful love songs ever made!
  22. Really looking forward to a new live album! I'm fairly new to the Coldplay world but so far I've managed to get Live 2012 and Ghost Stories Live 2014, both blu ray + cd editions, both excellent! I'm trying to see and hear every live performance I can while waiting for the next tour. Sadly I didn't get a chance to see them live on AHFOD tour...
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