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  1. Great footage! Is there an undubbed version of that documentary out there, too?
  2. When it's released on the same day I think it'll be a double-a-side single.
  3. I was always wondering why people write for such requests in threads while they actually can start a PM about it. It's a bit annoying IMO (No hate of course). Totally agree with I ran away here.
  4. Just typed it in Photoshop. Could be Adobe Garamond Pro.
  5. I think more newspaper adverts about the album would be great.
  6. Still can't believe this will be two CDs. This might fit on one. But I'm sure the vinyl edition will be two discs though.
  7. Ignore what I wrote, I'm kind of tired that moment (and have bad eyes). lol
  8. Ugh, of course. Second glance to the pic and I noticed the first words are Italic.
  9. Well, now it's nine tracks per disc! Scrap that. It's (still) eight per disc. And of course the upper words are the discs' subtitles, but at first sight I didn't notice the text there is Italic.
  10. Just came in the thread now. lol. I missed all the leaked snippets, they're all gone.
  11. Think that's okay for a double album, too. But theoretically this would fit on one CD.
  12. I don't know Reflektor. What's the full running time of this? Usually a double album would be around 90 minutes. It would be amazing if Coldplay's new tracks will all be 5 minutes or longer (I have some doubts, but of course let's wait for more official information).
  13. I think the tracklist we saw, with the blank track etc,, wasn't the final version. Also it looks a bit too short for a double album. Eight tracks per CD, unless every track is running at least 5 minutes but I think that's unlikely.
  14. I think that was a harmonium. They used that for a few tracks in the early days. Also in 'Till Kingdom Come'.
  15. Eight tracks per disc... Hope each song will run at least 5 minutes then.
  16. Another option would be a 3 or 4 panel digipak sleeve, similar as the Butterfly Package. But then the booklet would be more hidden inside the sleeve. Well, let's hope it's packaged like Ghost Stories and AHFOD.
  17. Found this on the Steve Hoffman forums. So the album actually is out since nearly 100 years!?^^
  18. Hey, I think this would look good as CD/LP labels!
  19. I believe the jazz band picture actually is the slipcase while the sun/moon motif is on the booklet's front cover. Probably similar packaging way as the last few albums.
  20. That's what I thought, especíally after what I've read here pages earlier. And Wikipedia isn't always reliable anyway.^^
  21. There's already an entry about this album on Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everyday_Life_(Coldplay_album) Mentioned there that Nietzsche is on the jazz band picture.^^
  22. The official album cover!? Looks weird and great at the same time IMO. FIrst time the band members are on the front cover. Well, a new chapter, maybe they'll be on the next album covers as well?
  23. Yep. Sorry I didn't reach page 137 yet.^^ :p
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