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  1. In this scene I always think maybe that's the place the band is performing live later this month (Jordan) and Chris is pre-testing the sound ambience there. [Edit:] Okay seems to be confirmed it was filmed somewhere in a building at Central Park in NYC.
  2. There already came out three(!) songs before the official album release. I think it's too much for teasing the album with yet another track for now. It's possible another 'single' would come out in December. People speculate 'Daddy' is next.
  3. Another rehearsal photo (taken from Facebook):
  4. I hope 'Flags' will be officially released around the world after the exclusive Japan CD.
  5. Interesting. Was there some issue with the Ghost Stories CD back then?
  6. By the general album reviews here I think Everyday Life could be (nearly) like a 'lost and found' album straight after Viva La Vida. I remember Chris in the recent interview on BBC Radio 1 saying he had the album title in his mind since ten years. That's just a year after Viva came out. But might be coincidence though.
  7. I was listening to A Head Full Of Dreams much more than MYLOXYLOTO over the years. Both albums are not in my Top 5 Coldplay albums but still I don't dislike them.
  8. Of course. But I prefer high quality audio. :p
  9. Same here. I've read it's leaked in FLAC quality and thought twice but... nope I will wait for the official release. Grrr! :sunrise:
  10. Oh man... I assume that's friends or/and the press?
  11. I hope this wouldn't damage the actual album sales later. IMO leaks are not good... unless it's studio outtakes, of course.
  12. I didn't listen to the leaks but just read the reviews here. Weird, earlier albums had less Guy while Jonny was more upfront. Now it's the other way round?^^
  13. Oh god... I knew it. But I stay fair and wait till its official release.
  14. Huh? Was the whole Everyday Life album leaked already? Or are you guys just speculating?
  15. [quote name='The Adversary']...Iโ€™d love to see Ken Nelson back or even someone like Steve Lilywhite to produce a Coldplay LP but I donโ€™t think it will ever happen now. [/QUOTE] Or Mike Beever ([I]Brothers & Sisters EP[/I]) or Chris Allison ([I]The Blue Room[/I]). Wonder what these guys are doing nowadays.
  16. That would be great! If they gonna do this maybe a concert film on Blu-ray coming up later, similar to Ghost Stories Live.
  17. I still wonder how (and why) many people are more focusing on lyrics of songs. If the music in general sounds great I don't care much if the lyrics are good or bad. But hey that's just me.
  18. Photos from the rehearsal for the shows in Jordan. Also from Facebook (posted a day ago).
  19. Posted by Coldplay on FB just 20 minutes ago. Handpainted wall art on the streets of Ximending , Taipei (Taiwan).
  20. Would be funny if they do albums like this back and forth now (experimental first, stadium pop stuff second, and back etc.).
  21. Oh my god, for a second I thought you meant 'back to the roots' (Safety EP)!
  22. Yep. Waiting for another 'feet don't touch the ground' reference.^^
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