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  1. Doesn't mean they wouldn't perform the song in the next album's tour.
  2. Oh yeah! I'd like to have the blue one. Although it's already a Signature guitar: Fender Jerry Donahue Signature Telecaster
  3. Damn. Five songs till the official album release? They shouldn't 'leak' so much! lol
  4. Check out the chorus part in the studio version. Especially the high notes are 'too straight' to sound natural, I think.
  5. I was just checking out both the album version and the SNL Live version. The song in general is amazing and together with the previous two new songs it's promising that the album will be fantastic! Looking forward to it. Now, in my opinion here the live version of 'Everyday Life' is even better, the studio version partly has auto-tuned vocals...
  6. Don't reply to those people. I saw such spam stuff here weeks/months ago already. These guys even created own threads full with the same spam posts. Just report and ignore.
  7. Second this. I saw CHVRCHES bringing out many tracks before their album Love Is Dead actually was released, and thought 'WTF?'. Looked a bit like they 'leak' the album themselves...
  8. Otherwise it would be insane if each half of the album would run 53 minutes.
  9. I wonder what songs were originally planned for LP3, long before it became X&Y. They said they re-worked the album two or three times and X&Y itself actually could've been album #5 instead.
  10. Or maybe he was in a session with the band while they hadn't decided the final title of the track(s) yet.
  11. I'm surprised that the f-word isn't censored here as on another forum where I'm also active.^^
  12. There still could be a concept behind it, the vinyl edition has two discs. (Well yeah, on the other hand the previous albums with two LPs were not considered to be double albums.)
  13. What!? So the actual Champion is just in the back (again)? Ugh... :( ;) :p
  14. Just watched the 'Orphans' music video. Amazing. But somehow I think if this comes on TV maybe there'll be an alternative cut, especially in the first half...
  15. Looks like a weather balloon to me.
  16. I've read here that there also will be a 'clean' version of this album.... But will this also come out as physical copies (CD/LP)?
  17. That looks so wrong with the Parental Advisory sticker. It's like they became rappers.^^
  18. I just realized the CD version will be one disc. Well, that's better!
  19. Noticed they also gonna release the album on cassette!
  20. Gee. A double mini album! Now that's a cool fact!
  21. Haven't heard him for a while. He's great!
  22. Exactly what I was thinking. If both discs are 35 minutes each it wouldn't be much of a double album and also the whole content would actually fit well onto one disc. Anyway, no complaining. It's Coldplay with new music and it's amazing! :heart: :moon: :sunrise:
  23. I'm listening via Spotify. Just started with 'Orphans', sounds incredible! [Edit:] 'Arabesque' now. Yes, think I gonna love this (double) album.
  24. Trolls don't even deserve leaked files, IMO. :p
  25. I'm polite and will wait till the tracks are officially released.
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