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  1. Well, Live In Buenos Aires (the Butterfly package) is the only live album of the band that was also released on vinyl (correct?). Would be great if all their previous live albums (incl. LeftRightLeftRightLeft) get that treatment in the future as well.
  2. My god, Jonny and Will look more and more like brothers now.^^
  3. Think I remember hearing 'Yellow' and 'In My Place' long before I actually realized they're songs by Coldplay. I became a fan around the X&Y era.
  4. I know this thread is a hundred years old, but here's something I just wanted to say. Think I recently found out that the ampersand and the liner notes are one and the same font, called ITC Serif Gothic. The ampersand is slightly modified but definitely is Serif Gothic as well. This makes me think the band might've cleverly used only two fonts for the whole X&Y album artwork.
  5. Inspired by a certain Coldplay album I bought a luminous globe few years ago, set it to my hobby room and let it shine every night since then. :parachutes:
  6. The discussion sounds to me like planning remasters of their previous albums (and releasing them in a box set or individually), and then decide if a deluxe edition (of each album or the one set) is coming along...
  7. A 'trampoline'... To me that sounds like we jump back for a short time (that means re-releases of their old albums with lots of bonus stuff) and then jump forward again (new album, tour, etc.).^^
  8. For the new live album the band used the old and familiar Albertus font again. Maybe that has the visual meaning of 'closing the circle of chapter 1' but I hope they gonna re-use it more. I think the font is kinda part of their DNA.^^
  9. My Top 5 might change every moment. So, here's one try.^^ 1. High Speed 2. Brothers & Sisters 3. Sparks 4. Oceans 5. Fix You
  10. I wish the Blue Room EP gets a re-release on 12'' vinyl someday. And add some bonus track there (the early version of 'Spies', which reportedly was from the same sessions).
  11. Hello people! I'm Andy and just joined the (great) forum lately. I'm sure it's worth the wait when the band is coming back with a new album in the next few years. Hope it'll be more acoustic again, I enjoyed most of the tracks on Ghost Stories, so would be great to get something similar like this or Parachutes then. Besides that, I personally would like to see some archival releases / expanded editions of their old albums over the time (which, of course, is more or less unlikely. lol). Wish it's possible to hear something from their Panic EP (when they were called Big Fat Noises) or demos from the later material... Well, okay I dream too much.^^
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