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  1. Huh? They performed more? Maybe we gonna see more videos from their stay in Jordan soon? Btw I think the songs from the poll ('Viva', 'Sparks' etc.) were intended for later concerts, like the London gig soon.
  2. Interesting, my Windows player didn't show this. Looks like I have to re-name the track I edited together from the 6 middle tracks then...
  3. Oh my god this is awesome news!! Hope there's something from every previous band era, especially the early ones!
  4. CD arrived today and was listening to it over the last hour. Incredible tracks and some of them are very unusual. 'Guns' sounds a bit out of place here, it's like coming from a (solo) folk album Chris was working on.^^ There's a weird track indexing on the CD, the section where the abbey bells can be heard. Parted in 5 individual tracks (wtf). I was ripping the CD to my digital collection and re-edited the intermission as one track, re-titled to 'Sunset (Abbey Bells)'. Anyway, from (finally) first full listening I think I rate this (double) album very high to the band's early albums. Definitely the 'real' successor of Viva La Vida. I'm re-listening to it right now. Think I gonna buy the vinyl edition soon. By the way, is the intermission part (the bells) anywhere on the LP set? End of record 1 or start of record 2?
  5. Sixty-seven-thousand and ninety-six.
  6. Thought the same! The way how it was filmed looks so good it needs to be released similar as Ghost Stories Live. Maybe some post-production could be done, like fixing Chris' vocal issues.
  7. I just watched both performance parts. The songs are really great. Alright, the CD I ordered is coming tomorrow, can't wait!
  8. Music Of The Spheres reminds me of the Mike Oldfield album with the same name.^^
  9. Hmm, the Sunset performance video isn't up there yet. Anyone knows how long was the gap between the Sunrise performance and its individual video upload later?
  10. Just watched the Track-By-Track video. I was wondering what that little piece of (different) music in the intro of 'Arabesque' was and Guy said it's a snippet of an earlier version of the same song! Also he said that the album had a different title for a long time until the song 'Everyday Life' came along. Would like to know what the old album name was.
  11. That was you? Cool! Nice collection! Hey, what's the X&Y era disc you have there on the left? Is that a 12'' single of 'Talk'?
  12. Nah, Spotify is lossy. I'll wait for a lossless version, best option would be an official release globally.
  13. My CD order was just shipped, thought it'll come next Wednesday but date was updated, now expecting to arrive this Saturday.
  14. Okay, next Wednesday. Which time exactly? I might try to record the show then.
  15. Phil just posted on Facebook a link to the album's booklet in PDF format. You can find it here: https://wmiuk-a.akamaihd.net/download/wmiuk/__fp_tech_m/coldplay.com/pdf/booklet.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1pfSDZY-Mu-HA6btfyNzwb7-wZRIPUs14G7w9zFD_OeP4vb-oKpF1oGbA
  16. I think they would/could perform more older songs live again if they ever consider doing an Anniversary Tour of some sort.
  17. Yes. I ignore the leaks and am waiting till the album is officially released.
  18. I was just (pre)ordering the CD on Amazon today but it looks like it'll arrive in about a week, ugh... In case you ordered there with premium shipping it's more likely that you'll get the album on Friday. Unfortunately I ordered with standard shipping... and realized it too late.
  19. I just watched the video. Beautiful song. This actually sounds like an album closer. Unfortunately I have to wait one more week for the Everyday Life CD arriving my house, ugh...
  20. Coldplay in Jordan, with Stromae, Femi Kuti, Norah Shaqur and others (source: Facebook)
  21. This probably means the chord progressions on guitar and the capo is set on 5th fret.
  22. It's a great song, of course, but I think it's way overplayed. I wish 'Sparks' would've won the poll. Concerts like this exclusive one(s) need more variety. Nice! Where's the 'clean' version!? :p
  23. We don't know what LP10 will be like, but very sure LP11 will be X&Y 2.0.
  24. "As soon as possible"? Sounds like March 2020 at earliest to me.
  25. Photos from the final rehearsals (source: Facebook)
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