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  1. So beautiful. By the way, next year marks the 20th anniversary of Parachutes. They better should do a live performance of the whole album somewhere then (incl. re-installing a light globe on a keyboard/piano).
  2. I was surprised when I heard it the first time, too. But promptly thought this is an intended sound. It also can be heard during the YT live performance in Jordan.
  3. It's annoying that some people continue writing the request in threads instead of starting PMs themselves. Do they even read the pages?
  4. I, too, think X&Y (in general) is their best album... besides the other two earlier albums. Weird that it is exactly this album the band don't like much. Personally I wouldn't change a thing of it. More prefer an anniversary box set with unused tracks from these sessions... Of course this is unlikely to happen.
  5. Very nice Everyday Life era photo... Think that's the jazz band suits from the album cover? And it's in color!! stolen from the band's Facebook (After hours I realized I posted this on a totally wrong thread before.^^ I moved this to here now.)
  6. Actually I wish they would release the studio outtakes the way they were in some fancy X&Y deluxe box set in 2025. If they just wouldn't hate that era so much...
  7. No clue what we'll get, but with the X&Y re-editing in mind*, maybe sometime they gonna re-do studio cuts of 'Pour Me' and other semi-unused tracks. *In case Chris was serious about that.
  8. Just changed my avatar to Mince Spies. Have a happy Christmas time, fellow Coldplayers!
  9. Though I hope they gonna continue with the Everyday Life vibe for at least three more songs on the next album.
  10. There's coming one more Coldplay track from the Maida Vale studio session in the end of the show. So, I'm still recording.^^ [Edit:] Okay, done.
  11. Not remaking. He said 're-editing'. So, probably just re-arrange the tracklist a bit. I hope he was joking though. Otherwise I'd like to see an expanded edition of the early albums for their anniversaries in the coming years, including studio outtakes.
  12. Okay, they did 'Trouble In Town', 'Cry Cry Cry' and (I assume) an earlier performance version of 'Everyday Life', Chris' didn't have vocal issues here. The interview was hilarious! By the way, somewhere earlier in the show Chris said he and Will thought about re-editing X&Y and re-release it with alternative tracklist for its 20th anniversary. Hope he was just joking.^^ [Edit:] By the way, there's coming a BBC version of 'When I Need A Friend' near the end of the show.
  13. Confirmed by BBC Radio. Well, it's an earlier half of the session that didn't come On Air today. There's a thread about this here: https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/jo-whiley-session-bbc-radio-2-28-11-2019.126198/#post-5957727
  14. I now believe this picture might come from an earlier part of the session that was taped and is airing tomorrow on Radio 2 (Jo Whiley).
  15. What the!! Awesome, I gonna record this, too, then.
  16. Found two pictures from the BBC session. I think the first pic is from pre-show, Chris is wearing different clothes here.
  17. I really enjoyed the BBC session. 'Daddy', so beautiful (as always). 'Lovers In Japan' was unusual, in different key. But I sang along anyway.^^ Was hoping they would also perform 'Sparks'. But after 'Arabesque' the chance felt very thin, as there were two more songs left by then. Feel sorry for Chris having vocal issues especially on the last song.
  18. I really enjoyed the BBC session. Was hoping they would also perform 'Sparks'. But after 'Arabesque' the chance felt very thin, as there were two more songs left by then. Feel sorry for Chris having vocal issues especially on the last song.
  19. The Jordan gig (the day after the livestream) also was filmed. I think this could be something for a concert film Blu-ray release in near future?
  20. Okay, I will record the show tonight. Unfortunately the audio won't be any higher than 128kbit/s because I live outside the UK.
  21. Okay, I thought it might've been captured for some future Blu-ray release or something.
  22. Actually I put 'Flags' (back) into the album's playlist. Here it is the opening track for the Sunset part, just after the abbey bells.
  23. Oh man! Wish this was recorded via soundboard. I just saw on other clips that there are cameramen. So, is the pro shot available somewhere!?
  24. A music video for 'Cry Cry Cry' also obviously means the song will be the next (promo) single. Man... 6 singles already!?
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