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  1. Anyone here planning to record the radio broadcasts and interviews? I would love to have recordings of the stuff happening over the weekend in my collection!
  2. Someone record this while I stress over my test at school 😭
  3. I hope someone is able to record this episode of American Idol and will be willing to share it! I also hope that they will air the show in 5.1 so we can mess around with the mix!
  4. peeps theres a new spotify playlist by cp but u probs already know that...
  5. Okay but what if the (highly speculated) Coldplay x BTS collab is actually a prog rock masterpiece?
  6. i just took a full read of it after i bookmarked it then i read the last line lol.
  7. idk if this has been posted here yet but... https://thetab.com/uk/london/2021/04/01/coldplay-to-move-back-to-ramsay-hall-for-inspiration-40087 only source that has posted about it. but to be fair the article only came out an hour ago.
  8. Not the best video quality, but it should do. here you go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z2DmdfI4ahixPqVh5FbMGsMKK0UMZzUO/view?usp=sharing just note that i'm pretty sure the interview ends then restarts so it's not actually 1hr 30.
  9. Oh wow. Chris played a snippet of a new song during a conference thing on Clubhouse. In the full interview, he asks for it to not be recorded and that it will be out sometime potentially. We should all just disregard the first part... LYRICS: "We had a kind of love- I thought would never end Oh my lover, oh my lover, oh my friend Talked around in circles and talked around again I loved you to the moon and back again" (lyrics from cp discord server) ChrisMartin_New_Track_CH.mp3
  10. In HFTW's case, he only sings live backing vocals when he's not using his acoustic drumkit. Here is a more clear recording from a different gig with just his vocals. Right after this, his voca l is overdubbed with the studio backing track. will on hftw.mp3
  11. Here is a new 5.1 breakdown i made. This one is from a portion of Magic from the SNL 2014 gigs. Really worth a listen even though it may sound novel. Sounds pretty good especially when the acoustic guitar kicks in. Something to note is that the vocal reverb track playing in the background isn't the same as what Chris actually sung and is some sort of pre-recorded backing vocals. We don't have stems for the song and I think it sounds pretty good! magic5.1.mp3
  12. if you haven't had a look, a recording is available in the downloads section of this site. Here's a direct link: https://coldplaying.com/files/file/76-2020-07-13-coldplay’s-parachutes-at-20-jo-whiley-bbc-radio-2/
  13. Some more isolated live vocal mixes. thanks to the wonderful @dvntpxnic who got hold of the 2011 Today show gigs and forwarded it to me. @I ran away Will get the Canada 2006 5.1 asap. VLV (NY2011} Vox.mp3 CB {NY2011} Vox.mp3 Fix You {NY2011} Instrumental.mp3 Fix You {NY2011} Vox.mp3 Paradise (NY2011) Vox.mp3
  14. Aye cp won the VMA! (this is probably the wrong forum to put this in but idk where else to post this.)
  15. its really simple but I can only do it with 5.1 sources. Good thing is that whoever mixes CP live tends to put the vocals on the centre channel! Strange that not many people are analysing their 5.1 rips cuz theres lots of stuff in there to learn.
  16. here's the center vocal mix of Fix You from that gig. They also turned up Will in the choruses. Still one of my fav performances of the song especially on the choruses but maybe it's just the vocal processing... center fix you canada 2006.mp3
  17. The Rockband stems will probably not be available or it will be a while before they are because the devs of the game have recently tightened up their copy protection due to copyright reasons. You can however access all available stems from this link here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12iz0nl0ZrPl1oH3B3m2i6K7bxFM0NXAF?usp=sharing
  18. they should go all out on the space theme and record their set in area 51 with them aliens dancing around them.
  19. my bet is that they're just gonna play the hits and call it a day.
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