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  1. According to a documentary featurette the that was sadly taken down, it was supposed to be the second song after O. There are also pictures of the original cover art with this tracklisting but i'm guessing it's just fanart influenced by this tracklisting from the documentary.
  2. i must say the new website design looks horrible. no otherway of putting it.
  3. An award? For Everyday Life? Bruh i'm still sad that the album basically has 0 nominations or awards but like perhaps this one is what you say its hinting at...
  4. i don't know why you guys are angry lol. All you have to do is send this person an email with the original master of the first version of X&Y and you can get the Race. easy!
  5. That list is huge! I'll try and see if I can find anything I would be able to trade with you.
  6. can anyone explain to me how to make this type of screenshot / video info gallery? Is there a program or is it made manually in photo shop? Thanks in advance. An example of what i'm talking about
  7. I recently obtained some pretty good isolated live vocal mixes from a couple of shows and here's one of them. I chose HFTW because it's one of those songs where it's interesting to hear how they use pre recorded vocals. Normally in regular shows they would mute chris' mic on the chorus but in this version they have both playing kinda how like viva la vida does it. The prerecorded track on the chorus is the same vocal line they have used for the entire AHFOD tour. I would love it if you guys shared your thoughts on this! HFTW Chris Vox solo.mp3 will on hftw.mp3
  8. This is based on the assumption the Ben you were talking about was the video director since he asked for you guys to do the video. He passed away a few weeks ago at the time of writing.
  9. I know this is a rather simple question that is probably easy to answer but I just want to make sure. What type of videos and audio fall under the "official" or the off limits list? I know releases such as Live 2012 are not allowed to be uploaded but what about a show such as the Austin City Limits show recorded in 2005 and other TV broadcasts? Thanks in advance.
  10. ANOTHER UPDATE: Found some more clips of the Barcelona show in this documentary after going through a forum thread from 2010. There are clips from Viva La Vida, Fix You and Lost and some other songs! There are also some funny interviews. A good watch if you haven't already. It's also really helpful if you wanna learn how to cook an apple pie (good job jonny) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVjvmvKigmw (IF ONLY IT WAS IN BETTER QUALITY!!!)
  11. Yeah there were massive problems throughout the night. Apparently some of the PA's were stuttering. Chris talked about it once and said they were amazed by how loud the crowd was not knowing they were yelling "we can't hear you!".
  12. The production company who worked with Coldplay to film Live 2003 and the also officially unreleased but widely available Canada 2006 film also filmed the Barcelona 2009 show. The company is "Done and Dusted Productions" and taking a look online you can find a listing for their work for Live 2003 and the Barcelona show which is where I found it.
  13. UPDATE: It just so happens I found the whole Viva La Vida performance! It starts from the same starting point in the reddit video but it continues until the end of the song making this version two minutes longer. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14h2RKBWlVFOr3fTDvVkq-G5nEFz6dnb3 Perhaps i'll be able to find more out of this show!
  14. Perhaps there is! I haven’t checked the audience recordings. Such a shame I was only able to find Viva La Vida...
  15. That version of God Put A Smile Upn Your Face is included on the MTV broadcast of their Tokyo show. Here's a link to that: He
  16. Here's a clip I uploaded to reddit of footage from the Barcelona show in 2009 that was recorded and was supposed to be released as the live DVD for the era in addition to the CD we got. I guess this video is what ever remained of the edit after they scrapped it. The video is sourced from the original production company that filmed the show.
  17. Cool. I have already started uploading some out of my backlog of coldplay stuff. Mostly HD versions and other common stuff that apparently most people don't have! Will post some more of the deeper cuts though. I wonder if there's there's any way for me to categorize them by era. Perhaps only the moderators can only do that...
  18. You guys think it would be okay for me to post some stuff on the new downloads page or is it just for Stephen to post on?
  19. Ch Charlie Brown is from Tokyo unsure about hymn. Check out the IEM recording from Tokyo that @Yasuko bought and released
  20. ASFOS is from Milan, Italy on July 4th. Also the IEM for the Tokyo show was leaked and only two songs so far have been confirmed to be on Love In Tokyo. Those being Fix You and Charlie Brown
  21. WAIT! “Those who are dead are not dead” is from the song 42 and chris is 4- holy shite it’s the 42 mystery again. It’s fecking Chris who ran this website.
  22. information provided sends us to a link which when translated says they will be on for interviews and possibly for some songs on the 9th of december in france or italy (idk which one cuz google translate is being mean)
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