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  1. 5. Selling bootlegs is a big "middle finger" to the collector community so it's usually frowned upon. Selling bootlegs is also legally 10 times worse then just sharing it as it has gone from copyright that most labels and artists don't care about to copyright that they do care about because your making money off their material which they are supposed to be entitled too. That's why when you upload a video on youtube with a song under a label, they will often block it or take all the money it produces. 6. I wouldn't know. Probably because their stuff is extrememly rare but if the label find
  2. 1. They exist because peeps like me (a completetionist) have the means to record them via a TV or the internet or however else they came. Some of them even like to share or trade their recordings if it's a recording not many people have. 2. Very uncommon in the bootleg world if there is enough demand for it. Though obscure recordings (mostly audience recordings) are rarer because there isn't a demand for it or the person isn't releasing it and waiting for a trade. Basically, once a bootleg is shared, it is bound to be spread around becoming less rare. 3. Some won't share them due to
  3. time to pray that the devs of the game went chill lax on the DRM so we can get just kinda grab them stems without anyone noticing. would love to hear the vocal mix for COTW...
  4. Any chance for a dark mode? I liked the previous dark mode but i'm not sure how you would apply for this design. The default mode is amazing nonetheless!
  5. No. You might be talking about LeftRightLeftRightLeft which was recorded around the world in 2008. Barcelona was recorded in 2009 so it wasn't included.
  6. There was period earlier in the year before all of the COVID lockdowns where a family member got really sick suddenly. I had a spotify playlist with Life in Technicolor ii (specifically the live version recorded in London near Christmas in 2008 that was on the single edition of LiTii) and idk... Something about it makes me remember that time. Perhaps it's the lyrics and themes of a war even though the instrumental is playful and "not depressing". Every time I hear it just makes me think about it so it's kinda hard to listen to it now. The person is okay now but it's hard to listen to that song
  7. do you have a reup of this? It has already been deleted
  8. I have seen a few postings of this show on sharemania though i'm not sure if this is the exact rip because the person that gave it to me was on a CP discord server and they sent it to me after they uploaded some clips to that server but I think it would be a safe bet to assume this is from sharemania. Would you also like the video feed? I will upload it to google drive and send it your way very soon!
  9. Sorry that i'm not being very specific. I can upload it to the forums if you would like. It's the full show but it's not a full setlist if you get what I mean. The audio came from just isolating and cleaning up some of the hiss on the centre channel of the 5,1 encode. Here's the setlist for the show: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/coldplay/2016/rockefeller-plaza-new-york-ny-7bf0d260.html
  10. Someone gave me a 5.1 rip of the show and I used Pazera and Sony Vegas to isolate the channels. Whoever mixed this puts vocals on the centre channel. Then I cleaned up some hiss and some other adjustments (though I could have slacked on the restoration process).
  11. Technically yes but not really. It wasn’t a regular show but stuff they did for TV. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/coldplay/2016/rockefeller-plaza-new-york-ny-7bf0d260.html
  12. damn can't find anything except GS version after searching [...] which filters the search results to one website and only the videos with the term "coldplay" and "the race" in it
  13. wonder if the poster is talking about Baidu. i somehow managed to get an account on there bypassing on the phone number verifications and google translates using their cloud service which allows international people to get in and found a poster with The Race but with a dead link. Many replies claimed it sounded great but google translate only gets you so far so some comments are left for debate. It appears that its probs the ghost stories version and the original poster of the GS version claims to be the original leaker as they released the file in November of 2019. if they had that GS versio
  14. here is my rip and its link! hopefully a loseless version will come out soon... SETLIST Politk God Put A Smile Upon Your Face Trouble My Happiness (cover) / Don't Panic Everything's Not Lost Yellow The Scientist Clocks In My Place Amsterdam / What A Wonderful World (cover) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NUh2253bAbCobkGH4r2HdmZumL-rVIf0?usp=sharing
  15. will probably be in a lossy fomat like mp3 because i doubt this player is streaming in FLACs
  16. Here are some more mixes i got from the same show Clocks instrumental.mp3 CM isolated AOAL.mp3 CM isolated ASFOS.mp3
  17. I'm down. Perhaps it would be easier to get a group together if you joined the CP discord server. Many events happening constantly and a fun bunch of people who would be more easily contactable to prepare something. Here is a link: https://discord.gg/HBGYKX
  18. damn you got me. I don't think i'm good at the whole "finding obscure quotes" business...
  19. i will take that win and proudly advertise it on my resume. ok my quote is: "Phil is real... can you not see him?"
  20. the promoter of the venue said it but I can't remember his name. Was his name Larry? Jeff? feck i gotta rewatch the documentary,
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