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  1. JASON_B


    It breaks my heart reading posts saying the studio version of the song is coated in production. Listening to the live version was nostalgic, sounded like vintage coldplay.
  2. It's crazy how much this album grew on me. When I first heard Magic I wasn't impressed at all, and the live versions of AIMH and AA didn't grab me at first either. But for some reason, after a few more listens and especially after hearing the album it in it's entirety....I feel like this is one of their best since AROBTTH. This might sound tacky but listening to these songs at night while gazing at the stars made me appreciate and realize how good this record is. Thing is, this album is a big gear change from Viva and Mylo and it took me a while to adjust. It's much more mellow and atmospheric.
  3. I'm going to wait to buy the Target edition since I spoiled myself and listened to the other songs before they were released. And reading these reviews about the bonus songs are KILLING me right now.
  4. Epic track. And I wish the last 30 or so seconds (the part with Chris' daughter singing) could go on forever.
  5. JASON_B

    True Love

    Strong X&Y vibes with this song. Might be my second favorite track to O.
  6. JASON_B

    True Love

    Listening to the grainy live snippet, this song might be amazing.
  7. Agreed. This is still my least favorite so far off of Ghost Stories but listening to the studio version has definitely grown on me. The lyrics just don't do it for me, too cheesy for my taste.
  8. I like the song, but I was really hoping to hear something that would put all doubts to rest for this album and it wasn't there. We have yet to hear "the song" that every Coldplay album tends to have that pulls everybody in.
  9. JASON_B


    It's amazing how this song has grown on me in the past couple of days. Initially I was disappointed, but now I'm listening to it over and over again.
  10. I can't believe I'm seeing X&Y dead last in a lot of these lists, I mean really people? AROBTH X&Y MX Parachutes VLV
  11. XYLOTO is better than Viva by a few miles. I liked Viva, some amazing songs came from it (Lovers in Japan, Strawberry Swing, Viva la Vida) but for some reason it didn't feel like coldplay. XYLOTO just embodies everything Coldplay is, a little of the new and old. It's just more complete.
  12. At the beginning of the song for a split second I thought it was indeed wedding bells. Love this track though, why couldn't they let Chris' voice be effect-free for the whole album like this song?
  13. Chances are it will leak and nobody on here will know because you continue to carry on these pointless conversations. What a gigantic waste of space and time this thread is.
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