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  1. Personally, I kind of like PoC and a couple of the other more pop oriented tracks on MX. The band (and especially Chris) seem to always have had an affinity for various pop styles, so it just seems fitting that they've finally come to being at peace with including that type of material on their own records. They still can do the old style stuff, but pop oriented stuff is a legitimate part of their personal identity as musicians.
  2. If I may ask, why do you say it was dishonest? That seems a rather peculiar criticism for a pop album.
  3. It does seem to have provoked a small, but quite vocal group of people to anger. There have been some fairly nasty posts/tweets etc. on the subject since this thing broke.
  4. Debs typically gets confirmation from whoever would know before she posts a response but I guess that could be possible. It's also possible though that she took down the response as they want to downplay the (minor) controversy this whole thing seems to have sparked.
  5. As I understand it, the band do (did?) have a partial stake in Regler's company. As you say though that the band has no authority to delete his twitter account, though a few of his latest post are verging on the sort of thing that can get you a cease and desist order if you are dealing with someone who wants to play hardball. I would guess he deleted it himself for reasons unknown.
  6. It appears his account has been deactivated now. Curious.
  7. I disagree, to me the band probably became a bit too gimmick based for their own good over the last couple tours. They're an excellent live band, they don't need all the tricks if they just play hard every night (which for the most part they do).
  8. I would've thought that went without saying. The bands were part of the MX production, I'm not really sure why so many assumed they'd be around in perpetuity when the production elements have always changed when the band mounts a new tour.
  9. That would be kind of cool actually. I wonder if he can slap?
  10. In the case of Coldplay, I'd absolutely agree, but to say it's never a factor is untrue. I can think of numerous solo projects that were born in part or in whole as a direct result of band members needing some professional outlet while their main band was on hiatus, or to give themselves a commercial bulwark against said band's eventual demise. We've had similar conversations before, and I know you approach the matter from a different angle than I do but the fact is for a great many professional musicians the ability to keep generating an income from their musical endeavors does weigh heavy i
  11. True, but I was thinking more of bands who are successful, yet not successful enough for the members to spend large amounts of time doing nothing if the band goes on a lengthy hiatus. Only the most commercially successful musicians in the world can afford to take years off from gigging/recording at a time.
  12. I don't really follow the Killers post Hot Fuss, but IMHO Thom Yorke's solo album honestly sounds a lot more like the couple albums Radiohead made prior to it than it does the ones they've made since IMHO. I'm actually of the opinion that it kind of helped Thom work out some of his electronic influences that the rest of the band wasn't as into. Sometimes that's the benefit of solo work.
  13. I thought it was well established that Lohan likes Guy...:wink3:
  14. In fairness, Guy does seem to have a full plate of non Coldplay projects, and Chris has written for a lot of other artists (though he hasn't in a while), so it's not as if there's a total absence of outside projects going on. I think the guys all just enjoy their downtime. It makes sense, they've all got young families and they don't need the money so why not?
  15. It probably wouldn't be out of the question for the song to snag a nomination, if only because there are so few films that actually contain original songs. It might be worth noting that the song Arcade Fire did for the first Hunger Games film didn't receive any notice from any sort of awards granting body. (but, it was an absolutely awesome song.)
  16. Both of those guitars are rare quality instruments, of far better quality (generally speaking) than a modern era run of the mill P Bass. I'm not saying it's not possible, just a bit peculiar.
  17. I'm pretty sure the chords on the rhythm part are the same as they are in the regular version, as it's only that guitar that's playing chords and the other is playing a lead part that sounds largely identical (to my ear) to what Jonny plays in the electric version of the song. Aside from being fully acoustic, the structure of the arrangement isn't much (if at all) different.
  18. Ok... So I know this thread's been dead for ages, but I've been trying to figure out something that's been bothering me for awhile. Has anyone ever read/seen any information on the year of Guy's red P-Bass? He seems to have had it since the very, very early days of the band, so it doesn't seem like it would be a high end vintage bass, but it's also a color that wasn't in production at that time on new Fender basses. It just strikes me as really odd that he would be playing a low end P-Bass when he could have any instrument he wanted, especially since he seems to have a preference for 60's
  19. Not only that, he's been photographed with fans outside the Bakery quite recently, I'm pretty sure he's not even in New York at the moment.
  20. I've seen a picture with at least 3 together, so there were at least that many. The great advantage to a fender is that if the neck goes out, you can unbolt it and swap it, which likely limited the number needed somewhat though.
  21. There are almost certainly more. A guitar can't survive that kind of abuse without substantial rebuilding, or at least parts-swapping. It has also been mentioned a couple places that Hoppy rebuilt the guitar several times over the course of the tour. Doesn't mean your particular example wasn't a stage used guitar or anything like that though. Whether the remaining examples will ever surface publicly or not though is anyone's guess.
  22. Chris' is the only one out of those that approximates an actual signature. A kind of like Guy's though. He just made a wavy line. :laugh3: The man's a boss! :cool:
  23. ' In general, if you receive goods or services as a direct result of your donation, it renders it a sale and not charitable giving for tax purposes, though one can receive gifts in appreciation of said donation. It all gets a bit complicated. But yeah, a UK based charity without a recognized US analog would be wholly ineligible anyway, so the point is moot.
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