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  1. Of course, I never meant to imply it was their fault. I'm just saying that in any discussion of how successful Ghost Stories is likely to be, the important thing is how previous releases have been trending, not why the trend is what it is. Coldplay have never released an album that can't reasonably be considered a commercial success.
  2. Fair enough. The point is VLV was at least a bit polarizing with some people not being overly fond of it's baroque pop aestetic (I'm not one of them, I rather enjoy most of it.)
  3. First of all, Jonny plays a lot of those synths, so he is doing something. Second, much of what people are hearing as synths/electronic sounds are in fact guitar parts made through the use of slide playing combined with E-Bow and other effects. This was an element of his playing that was very prominant in the AROBTTH era, and he has only recently really taken up again since Atlas.
  4. Frankly, given that they can't seem to please people no matter what they do, I think they may just go that route when they finally get bored or the constant sniping gets to them enough. For years, literally years, I've heard people say they wanted them to go back to their earlier sound and this new material is objectively (in structure, orchestration, instrumentation etc.) closer to that than anything they've done since 2002 and yet people still complain. I'm not saying anyone has to like it, but at least recognize it's an attempt to move in the direction people said they wanted, even if you
  5. I'm not saying it has all to do with artistic quality. Only that if you're talking about diminishing commercial returns, Coldplay has been on that path already for a decade. MX is their lowest selling album since Parachutes, it doesn't really matter why for the purposes of this discussion.
  6. According to Meta Critic (which aggregates reviews to provide a statistical consensus) MX scored a 65/100 while VLV got a 72/100, higher but still low enough to be considered mixed. That doesn't mean that it didn't get it's share of very favorable reviews, just that it also got a sizable number of negative ones as well.
  7. Except they're not really doing that. They've always been a pop rock band. Yellow is the definition of a classic guitar pop song. Sure the band have collaborated with pop artists over the years, but I don't think it's for cynical reasons. The band, and especially Chris have always been genuinely drawn to that sort of music. Bottom line, they'll make what they want to make for the reasons they want to make it, but I don't think there's much objective evidence that maximizing commercial success is now or has ever been at the top of their priorities list.
  8. Reviews don't really mean much at all when it comes to commercial success. Certainly not with Coldplay, their last two albums have had mixed reviews. As with any form of art, the most artistically acclaimed work is rarely the most commercially successful. That said, I think a lot of the stuff on this album seems more eclectic and risky than anything they've done in a long time (if ever). I honestly don't see how anyone could listen to Midnight and come to the conclusion that it was created with any sort of commercial appeal in mind.
  9. Commercially speaking Coldplay reached their peak with AROBTTH and have had declining success from there. That said, I'm not really seeing the uncertainty you speak of. Magic has gotten a stronger reaction both critically and from the fanbase than anything released in the MX era and arguably anything from VLVODAAHF as well. It also charted higher in the US and UK than their last 3 singles (the final two from MX plus Atlas) so I don't think the single's success is all that "off". Will Ghost stories be the band's most successful album? Probably not, but they've reached a point in their c
  10. I remember what it looked like in the photos from the article about them buying it several years ago. They've obviously done a ton of work, but it looks way better now. For some reason though, I wouldn't have guessed his decor aesthetic would be so modernist.
  11. It's generally not a good idea to rely on Youtube videos for this sort of thing. Even in perfectly uploaded videos, there's often a slight lag between video and sound. That said, Jonny did have a switch marked Looper on his board at one point, so it's possible he did loop his guitar part to cover the change. You can see him stomp just before the handoff.
  12. I've heard a couple people say it's Lisa, but I'm not sure.
  13. Here's the one I was thinking of: It was CD:UK and only Chris' vocals are live. Guy mimes all keyboards [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g-7HaRtnkI]Coldplay - Speed of Sound live CDUK [22-05-2005] - YouTube[/ame]
  14. There is a live video from when the song came out of the band perfoming the song (playback) on some TV show (maybe TOTP, maybe CD:UK), where Chris' piano wasn't there for some reason and Guy mimed the piano parts on the Synth he was using for the opening part of Square One. I suspect that's what's being referred to here.
  15. EITIAW works for me in context. They released it just before their summer festival tour and it's a great summer single, upbeat and dancy. Also, it was a good taster for the broader direction the album was going to take, which is important in a lead off single IMHO. Not my favorite song of theirs by a long, long, long way, but it was the right song at the right moment I think.
  16. Think I might know what the red/brown pedal is. Apparently, he's been using a Fulltone '69 mk II, and it's the right basic shape and possible color to be the one at the end of the chain.
  17. I've seen pics of his board with an RV-5 on it, never one with an RV-3, but he might have used both as he changes his board around fairly often. Only ever used an RV-5 personally though, so can't comment on what the differences may be.
  18. Truthfully, I wouldn't call either of those his "main" overdrive since the Rat is what was giving him the overdrive on most of their earlier material. That said, of the two, he uses the tube screamer far more than the OCD (The OCD wasn't even on his MX tour pedal board.), but he uses the Tubescreamer more for boost than for proper distortion/overdrive. He uses the HBE powerscreamer more than either though (and now has both the regular and fat boost models on his board now) so if you're going for Jonny's sound and you're already getting a Rat, you might want to consider going with one of
  19. True. I was just making the point that for many people, it doesn't really matter how many people tell them their hair loss isn't a negative thing, because it's a very personal issue for a lot of people (as with various other forms of body image issues.) Since he's so adamant about wearing a hat (even being seen with one in pictures not directly intended for the public such as the photos from Chloe's twitter account) it's probably safe to say it bothers him at least a little.
  20. Except maybe it bothers him. Baldness is a very sensitive issue for a lot of men, especially those as relatively young as Jonny. (though from that picture, he has more hair left than I would've guessed.) Even if everybody around someone is fine with it, it can still be a source of emotional stress. Alternatively, perhaps he's cool with it, but just doesn't see it fitting into how he wants to present himself publicly/on stage.
  21. He's played that way all along, just not nearly as much as he used to. Though I agree it's great to see it back.
  22. He used the tele for paradise on the later legs of the 2012 touring as well. Head on as far as Atlas goes though, one of the big reasons I've loved the song since the first time I heard it is that Jonny's part is very old school, similar to what he was doing on AROBTTH and has kind of moved on from since. Also pleased to see the walnut tele make another appearance there, as I was sure he painted it for MX, but I guess he has two in that color.
  23. I've had the pleasure of playing a couple down at the local vintage shop. They're really nice, if you don't mind a smaller neck and a tendency to feedback. But yeah, it's probably one of the things that would be in my collection if I had loads of cash to spend on old guitars.
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