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  1. Hey Nancy! I feel so bad for replying 3 months after you sent me the message. December was fine for me, though didn't do much around christmas because I had to start working a bit before that. Didn't get to celebrate new year either! Ah well, work is like that. It's nice to know that you're doing alright :)

  2. Hi Nancy..it's been a while since I've been on here and I just noticed your birthday message to me..that's so sweet of you..Thank you! You're the only one on here who still does that..seeing that I rarely come here anymore. You're just lovely :) How are things over there?

  3. Thank you :nice:

  4. Thank you very much the ever so lovely Nancy <3

  5. Hey Anna! Haha I myself have forgotten about the video. 40 minutes is enough. I'll take what I can get considering that I'm asking you for a favour :P Thanks so much for doing it! Anyway I can't download anything at the moment because I have very limited internet connectivity but you can upload it first and I'll try download it later? I'm not really at a good position at the moment. I've started working and had to move away from home. It is really hard to cope because I used to live in big cities and now I've moved to a small town where even basic necessities are hard to find sometimes, hence the absence of efficient internet connection. Oh god I'm rambling to you. I'll stop now haha. Again, thanks for ripping the video! You're so nice :nice:

  6. Zeya

    It was very lovely of you. I though it would be sent by someone I do not know. I'm glad it's you :nice::kiss:

  7. Zeya

    Dear Imkellabella, I have received your card! It is soooo lovely you are so lovely why are you so nice omg. I love it very much. You made my day! :kiss:

  8. Ah it works! At least it can be ripped. Will it be hard for you to upload it? That file is so big!

  9. Thanks Nancy! It'll be in a few hours here, yes. 4hours 37minutes to be precise. Ah, another half day for you over there. Still have enough time to reflect and ponder about 2010 if you want to :nice: Anyway, happy new year to you too. Hoping a brilliant year waiting for you ahead :nice:

  10. You too Cindylove :kiss:

  11. Thanks Alexititstroll :nice: Hope you're having the best one this year.

  12. lol..We can't be nice all the time. A bit of hostility don't make us bad people :P You have a nice day too..Mine is nearly over anyway :nice:

  13. Hey Anna :nice: I just wanna say that I noticed that you are being a more stern Mod now. I like fierce Anna. Just sayin'. :lol:

  14. Hey Cindy. I've just read your review for January 2010. I think it was pretty ace :D

  15. Happy birthday you! have a good one :nice:

  16. Yeah...it's really that hot here. It's a tropical country so that explains it. That's why air conditioining is very popular here. It gets cooler at night though. I love four seasons countries. I used to live in one for a couple of years, wish I can stay forever..

  17. I love doing those humanitarian projects. Very rewarding. That's awesome what you're doing :thumbsup: Lovely weather you've got there. I looooooove cold weather. Mainly because It's so warm at this part of the world. Normally it's around 32 degrees all year.

  18. Yeah it's over. The exam was good actually. It was better than I expected. I'll start working in three weeks' time. What about you? What have you been up to?

  19. Hey that's nice for you to notice! Yeah I was actually. It was my final year, plus I was living in a place where internet connection was not always available. My college was shit. Haha.

  20. I think you were the only one voted for me lol I didn't mind at all actually. I'm not an easily likable kind of person, at least not in here, so I'm never gonna be a popular choice. Plus the rest made fairly better contribution to the board, so I think they got what they deserved.

  21. Aww it's okay. My birthday this year was low key so does it is online. lol. That is amazing. I think you deserve all three, especially the special award :D

  22. Thank you Nancy :nice: I heard you've won an award for 2010 in here. Congrats to you!

  23. Thanks Cindy! How are you love? Hope you're doing fine :nice:

  24. Thanks Kelseh :heart:

  25. Zeya

    Thanks sexual Lore :botoxlips:

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