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  1. I think it's similar to the Chainsmokers collab, if anything it's more of a cash grab. They've been marketing this collab quite well, talking about shared values etc. But at the end of the day BTS are very much a brand. They have an incredibly long list of brand deals under their belt, more than I've ever seen with any other artist. It's quite impressive actually, but those deals are made because they're very lucrative. It's not all about their music or their values. I always liked how Coldplay mostly stayed away from such deals and focused on their music instead as well as projects like the M
  2. I predict it'll have more views than Coloratura in about 1-2 hours and will surpass HP within a week if not sooner.
  3. I think that probably people compare this song to SJLT because it's another major collab that Coldplay did and it's also one of their most poppy songs too. Anyway, other songs we could perhaps compare MU to otherwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJO3ROT-A4E&list=PLyORnIW1xT6wBFoOxTh__8a3dFzbgHYrw&index=2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvQTTA9raJU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPYZpwSpKmA
  4. Imagine if they announced Higher Power BTS remix instead.
  5. "Munich. Two days before the opening of the IAA Mobility international motor show taking place in Munich on 7 – 12 September 2021, BMW is unveiling its own, globally unique virtual world: JOYTOPIA. The highlight of the presentation on 5 September will be an exclusive performance by Coldplay. The British band will play a virtual concert on the platform." https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0341635EN/bmw-launches-new-streaming-platform-joytopia-narrated-by-academy-award-winning-actor-christoph-waltz-for-the-iaa-mobility-exclusive-concert-by-british-band-coldplay-pulls-back
  6. Glad we've finally figured it out. And obviously Volume 3 will be another set of HP remixes, cause you can never have too many of those! Or there'll be more remixes of the remixes of the remixes. Kaotican lyrics this time.
  7. Maybe there are so many HP versions and remixes to populate an entire planet of their own?
  8. If all artists do this then the Japanese music industry must be worth A LOT more than in any other country with stans buying the Japanese edition instead of or on top of their local one?! It's kind of crazy to think about.
  9. That's looking great, let's hope it stays in the top 100 long enough! So how does a chart run like this translate into sales though, and how do the overall sales of HP compare to previous singles and albums? I think looking at sales (physical, digital and streaming) says more about how many people a song reached than chart positions alone since those also depend on what other artists released songs at the same time. So far it looks like orphans did better overall but that can still change. Airplay is a different story, HP definitely outperformed Orphans there!
  10. Yeah, Spotify is definitely the biggest player when it comes to music streams. However, Youtube as a platform is still growing year on year both in terms of users and revenue, and for the majority of songs on EL Coldplay actually got higher streaming numbers from Youtube than Spotify (based on https://chartmasters.org/2021/06/streaming-masters-coldplay/). I was mainly looking at Youtube stats because those numbers are easier to find than those for Spotify. It's true that HP might catch up with Orphans sooner or later, or maybe not. It depends on how its streaming numbers hold up, e.g how
  11. What about the views HP and Coloratura have been getting in comparison to previous (promotional) singles? Do streams usually pick up a lot after an album has dropped?
  12. Honestly, the first time I listened to the song when that robotic voice came up my very first though was that it sounded like someone was burping or something! 🤣 Melodically, I like My Universe slightly better than HP. There's really not much to say about it though, it's not a song that would catch my attention if it didn't have Coldplay on it.
  13. 1) Ghost Stories 2) Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends 3) A Rush of Blood to the Head 4) Parachutes 5) Everyday Life 6) Mylo Xyloto 7) A Head Full of Dreams 8 ) X&Y 9) Music of the Spheres
  14. In the Apple Music interview from a couple of months ago Chris was talking about HP and he made it sound like they/Will thought it was AMAZING, like it was going to be the next VLV. And what else would they say in an interview? "The other song that we performed today will be our next single. It's generic af, please stream it everybody"? Having said that, thematically Coloratura would fit in really well with the scenery so I hope it was that one. 🙂
  15. Exactly, and about how love and faith help us get through any hardship and make life worthwhile.
  16. So I know Coloratura wasn't officially released as a single but since the reactions have been extremely positive and apart from radio it was just like any single release I'm a little surprised it didn't make the top 200 on spotify on its release day in the UK: https://spotifycharts.com/regional/gb/daily/latest Same for some of the other European countries I checked. In the US it ended up at 130 though!
  17. To be honest, I think it's too early to judge how well this collaboration with Max Martin worked out. Personally, I believe he's great at what he does, there's a reason for his immense success. That alone doesn't make him and Coldplay a dream team in my eyes though. On Coloratura it worked out very well, on HP less so (probably it's more his involvement as songwriter than producer that I'm not a fan of). I'd be surprised if they worked with Brian Eno again, or any of their other producers. If they want to keep evolving working with different people would make sense, in terms of their prod
  18. Yes! 😄 And I can't even tell you what exactly it is about that song, I just can't connect with it at all. It's not even about oldplay vs newplay for me, or indie vs pop. Cause I love songs like Trouble in Town or AOAL. And I love it when Coldplay experiment, BrokEn for example is another song that I love and that I find more uplifting than HP for some reason.
  19. Haha, yes, the ad distracted me from the solo a bit. I've installed an ad blocker now so it shouldn't bother me anymore! 🙂 Youtube must have placed the ad due to the length of the video, it could still be removed though. Anyway, I think the video is very beautiful otherwise. Someone else on here rated Coloratura 7/10, and I think that's fair. It's a massive step up from HP (2/10). 10/10 for me would be songs like Clocks or The Scientist.
  20. I really hope they'll remove the ad in the middle of the song on YouTube. The ones at the beginning and end should be enough. It was a weird interruption while listening. Honestly, I think that if they cut a song like this down to 3-4mins and released as a single that it would actually do better than HP. This style suits them as a band so much better in my opinion.
  21. Speaking of Coloratura, what are everyone's expectations for that song? I looked up the word and found out that Coloratura is a style of singing most commonly used in Operas. Based on what I've read I suppose in the trailer it's the snippet starting at 1:36. Since they describe it as a piano-led anthem, will it be instrumental only? Or maybe involve chorals? Chris as an opera singer is too much for my imagination. 🙂 Or maybe it's just a word that they liked the sound of and it'll mostly be a regular pop/rock song?
  22. It's true that these days most singers use technology like live pitch correction or autotune. Probably, if you want to be really sure it's live you have to watch much older performances, e.g. from Queen. More recently, I'd say Amy Winehouse is an example of someone who made very little use of this. I actually watched a video on this the other day to understand how technology can be used to enhance performances. I also read the comments and it was quite interesting to see how it was split pretty much 50-50, with half of those commenting saying they preferred the polished version and the o
  23. Another moment where I'd question if it was live is at around 2:25 when Chris made a mistake and you can hear how low the volume of his live vocals actually is.
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