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  1. Hej ^^ Lagde lige mærke til at du var fra Danmark ^^ :)

  2. Happy B-day :)

  3. Happy birthday! :nice: I'm friends with you on lastfm right? :thinking: :D

  4. I can't wait to see them! I was actually planning to buy tickets to another White Lies concert, but well, when they're opening for Coldplay i'll rather save my money for another concert :D
  5. Campen åbner først på selve dagen klokken 11.00, så man kan ikke overnatte på campen natten før - så det er vel bare om at komme tidligt, i guess ;)
  6. Hej Mathilde. :) Tænkte på om du ville joine vores 'Gary Lightbody lovers united'? Har nemlig set på facebook at du kan li' Snow Patrol. :] /Roos.

  7. I think you asked if I'm studying Danish? Yes, I am. :)

  8. hej studerer du dansk? det er der ikke mange der gør udenfor Danmark :) (if you don't understand this just ask :P)

  9. Irish is hotter. But all british accents i just...hot :stunned:
  10. I'm going with my sister and my dad - does that mean we get 3 CD's? Then i could give away at least one, we're living at the same place anyways :) I'm going to the 16th August Denmark show. Just write me on the list :D
  11. The Streets and Kaizers Orchestra. If you haven't downloaded The Streets' 9 new free songs from twitter, do it! Seriously - they're great :)
  12. I will suggest Audacity too. It's free and very easy to use.
  13. ....who's the guy on the coldplaying.com banner? Phil? Eno? :thinking: I should know that :inquisitive:
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