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  1. Hola TealAppeal, thanks for listening and especially for commenting! I'm sorry it's not exactly what you're looking for in a Coldplay podcast. We take a lot of influence from music-based podcasts like R U Talkin' R.E.M. Re: Me? and U Talkin' U2 To Me? which does include a lot of banter. I thought a lot about how to "defend" ourselves but the bottom line is we're just having fun. A lot of the feedback we've received from other listeners is sort of contrary to your points - we get along really well, the chemistry and side bars are funny, etc. And we're incredibly grateful for all of that. N
  2. Hi everyone! My name's JD and over the past few weeks, I've mentioned (mainly on Reddit) that my buddy and I were working on a new Coldplay podcast. Our first episode is OFFICIALLY HERE, listen to Coldplay Are Us below. Normally we go track-by-track through an album, but we had to talk about Higher Power first! Check out our Fresh Hot Takes below and then subscribe because our Parachutes album will be out May 17! Available wherever you listen, etc. I've loved this band for over a decade and I really hope you enjoy the series. PLEASE discuss the eps, reach out on social media, and yel
  3. Federica, it's JD! I just got your Secret Santa in the world, and I love it, thank you so so much. :) The card is beautiful and the candy is delicious! Best wishes and happy holidays! Don't forget to keep glowing. :)

  4. I'd love one please, whenever possible. :) Jdwaldy, Michigan, USA
  5. Same here, I've emailed them twice since midnight, and still nothing. Inbox and spam are still empty of it. This is ridiculous.
  6. yeah i think it's "right", cos its just before a solo and what not, it'd make sense. definently elvis though.
  7. Jdwaldy

    Alternative title

    I also like Dead.
  8. Definently best song on PM, waaaay to highly underrated, amazing lyrics.
  9. wow. thats freaking amazing. and makes complete sense too. Chris has said he believes in God multiple times, but you're like 100% right. Great interpretation.
  10. St. Stephen 13 The Fall Of Man 12 Bloodless Revolution 10 The Man Who Swears 1 10 + The Man Who Swears 2 9 First Steps 11 Lovers In Japan 11 Loveless 1 - Goodbye And Goodnight 13
  11. Yeah I dont think it is. Nowhere else is he credited for it. PLus, why would he sing on one of their tracks? They'd at least give him credit somewhere. It's Guy.
  12. I've asked the Oracle this twice, and by the looks of it so have many others out there. Why won't he just answer the question????? It's a good, valid question! But agreed, after listening to it, I believe it's Guy. Awesome to hear him sing a solo, never really had before. Johnny had his part in Don't Panic, Will had DWNQ, and now it's good ole Guy's turn!:smug:
  13. Whenever I click on the link above, it says i cant access it cos i dont have the privleges or somethin like that. anyway you could send em or email em to me???? it would be so greatly appreciated you dont even know.
  14. add me to the "can i haz spare list" please! i sadly missed the detroit concert, but the one back in november was great! id love to have the disc tho! usa
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