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  1. l heard the word "fuck" @ the end of the video, Nick.
  2. gwyneth is chris wife its about coldplay its about being GOOPY
  3. ANETTESKY :cheesy: l mean you said the funeral will be on Saturday right? aren't you goin to visit your classmate..today? just wondering...
  4. lory its in the wrong section. its about coldplay
  5. well Coldplay's music has been a sucky now, they really need the fireworks.
  6. Shake Rattle and Roll (1 to 8) l'm pretty sure you've never hear of it before.
  7. Christina, why does it matter to you? let's just relish this moment :escaping:
  8. like Reilly posting on here, its just....weird. unlikely. ......unusual......
  9. why did you see a Mark Reaction Video about his banning? that'd make me as scarred as fuck.
  10. you'll get better. l'm sure about it. l have a crystal ball with me. fer sure Emma, fer sure.
  11. then why did you have to tell us you saw something you---- :sad:
  12. well l don't think it will bother you that much :tongue:
  13. so what does that mean? you'll just have to deal with it?
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