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  1. like what kind :thinking: go and watch Insidious I guess...
  2. Yee, mark-heeth tho thweeeet! :wacky: On the other hand, Reilly's a big douche. Can't stand that guy.
  3. shit that's so creepy. yeah it takes forever to wait and trying not to be surprised when his head pops out.
  4. He always causes a stir on this board that everyone felt the need to defend against him. haha Added he can't accept opposing opinions that he won't shut up, causing bigger arguments on here. What a big nuisance.
  5. ^ dude, was he really serious in that post? I mean :wtf: change your avatar to Jimbo as well.
  6. you mean the thread that you made that was banned hours ago? he's the one behind the banning?
  7. oh my fucking god. l thought there was a fellatio happening in your avatar, Emp. *k moving on...*
  8. it doesn't mean though that women should be given the privilege of doing the wrong things. just pointing out that one.
  9. Electric.Candy


    should l join the bandwagon and make a tumblr account? but l don't feel out of place yet. hm....
  10. ^ l agree with your example; its like when the husband cheats on his wife its absolutely horrible, yes, but if the wife does it, it seems worse, you know.
  11. like l said l am not gonna argue with him anymore. thats the point of my post.
  12. convertible nylon tote bag. it's purple and it's cool.
  13. @Bea: l'm not familiar with the ins and outs of inheriting properties, at the end of the day it will still come from the parents'/benefactors' decision; its just the typical asian parents' way of thinking on their sons being more important/having greater responsibilities than their daughters, hence, my post in this thread. And like l said l don't think that is really gonna happen to me. My parents are aware of my responsibility being the eldest child. We still have to talk about this, to be fair not only to me but to my younger brother as well.
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