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  1. is it just or his face got so fatter and fatter.... :blank:
  2. my cheapest pair of shorts so far- I think it's just about 9$ I wear the sleeve in a 3/4ish kind of way, so it'll look less weird.
  3. oh wait that is you. haha lol oops! :tongue:
  4. wish you the best of luck :smiley:
  5. hey don't you dare snap at my new best fwend :angry:
  6. EMILYYYYY. you've pmed me before but l wasnt replying am such an ass :sad: sarreh
  7. omg good thing he didn't bite off your nose.
  8. they're like "HARDCORE" but in a subtle way. methinkies.
  9. yeah it's more like of a teenage angsty shit.
  10. lol earning my respect for someone who's not even worth respecting? nah, not me.
  11. :tongue: :drunk: srsly tho, why y'all hating at the Berryman hot pants? wouldn't it be sad to see his balls squished? yeah, look, at least if he's up, there will more room for it, yeah someone already pointed it out. come to think of it guise! squished balls - BLAHH
  12. ^ why didn't you just apply at the top Malaysian university, and make yourself feel smart :lol: btw is this dude and Reilly buddies?
  13. yay, new pics of Guy will come in the next few years. I'm a fangirl again.
  14. what's with the blank face? isn't it amusing to know this punkheads listen to a band like this? LULZPEOPLE.
  15. Shane? Why does he still occur to you?
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