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  1. hah, lucky. there's no such thing as "free" here in the Philippines. *BOOOO*
  2. when l come across a page where people would talk about the "gorey thing" they've watched, then l'd be intrigued and watch those. I think the reason why I don't want to watch anymore the chickens being strangled and getting their throats slit and so on and so forth...for food (native chickens are yummy btw :tongue: ) is because of the beheading vid of a person that I happened to watch before. BTW is the '2 Girls One Cup" vid forreals? Made me want to barf nonetheless.
  3. was it prescribed to you or you just OTC-ed it?
  4. Happy Birthday :nice: is this already late?....
  5. duh, who wanted to go public about it? unless you're a retard and generous, sure. let the world know.
  6. the latest posts in this thread >>>>>> :wtf:
  7. shit, yea. Exogenesis! haa changed it (/hiding the epic failure) l'll look forward to it tho, but thanks for trying :wacky:
  8. can anyone give me illegal links to download the three EXOGENESIS in the Resistance Album? HQ Audio please??? PLEASE??! PLEASEEEE :bomb:
  9. duh, how come you forgot Elton John?!?!
  10. LOL. Wrong Wrong and wrong. all of the things you've said are clearly wrong. yeah your opinions will be always wrong.
  11. coldplay is better coz l luv Chris Martin's curly hair <3
  12. 1. They stay being an internet whore, for all I care. 2. Not all famous supermodels are sluts. YOU are being a slut because you choose to be one-on the internet 3. Female supermodels make you become a groupie? Talk about an intense hidden desire there. tsk tsk. you don't know what you're talking about.
  13. l've nothing againat her body type, but yeah she could've worn a far better outfit. That outfit she wore didn't give justice to her body.
  14. groupies don't the right to be jealous in any shape or form watsoever.
  15. nice. l just saw the etiaw music vid, gotta say it's cute. for serious.
  16. ugh, freak felines. they'll destroy the humanity with those lazrss
  17. am not associating her "indie" vibe with you liking her (or hating her). l thought you get the drift, I was clearly joking. moving on
  18. but unlike now. l got a crush at him for like, 3 days when l was in elementary.
  19. why the hate? she's so "indie" and shit. l don't get it.
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