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  1. ok what the fuck happened? :wtf: l was gonna reply to mark's stupid rants but what the hell, he won't shush. Oh yeah, you might not belittle the people here for liking Gaga, but l'm positive that you scoff at her and JB's fans. You respect our opinions, we respects yours. But I don't think you're capable enough of doing that. Nuff said. sigged, bitches.
  2. hey Lorytart, let's mud wrestle in our bikinis because l'm pissed off again with your another pointless thread :cheesy:
  3. Probably. My mom told me that I can't inherit the more important properties that we have (like the house we live in today), and instead have the ones that aren't that convenient for me -like our rest house in the province which l won't be able to occupy anyway due to the nature of the lifestyle I will have in the future, career-wise. Because my parents already assumed that my future husband is going to take me away with him and live in his house or (eventually) our own house anyway, but still, I'm the eldest child; be it addressed to my younger brother or not, I still am the only one who can b
  4. you're doing this with regard to gaga and beiber, so you also have lost your credibility in the first place. fact. lmao.
  5. Thank god you're getting your life back again. I think I'm already your friend on MSN. Are you using just one email address there?
  6. it depends on which l would like to use for the day. for now it's either Bulgari Omnia or M&S cologne or whatever perfume that is hiding in our car.
  7. ^^ that's a cool outfit :tongue:
  8. hahaha! Lory is stupid for believing in all of this :lol:
  9. maybe if you do the things you want to do (excessive listening of music) and doing the things that please your parents as well then maybe your father would be less disappointed of you.
  10. Make love to the music? that's not gonna happen ppl.
  11. that's asaammmm^ l don't like saying this phrase, but IKR?
  12. Nick. Can you just tell us what happened? I've just read the thread and you probably edited some of your posts.
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