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  1. If AHT has a full version and they release it i can die happy, i can't explain it but i really love the short one
  2. If its official nice, if its not i'll keep waiting :)
  3. I loved this version and if they do another version i'd love it too
  4. Bienvenida, espero que lo pases muy bien aquí :D
  5. I like the song, but not as the new single :/
  6. 1) Parachutes 2) Viva La Vida 3) X&Y 4) A Rush Of Blood To The Head 5) Mylo Xyloto
  7. I loved AHT and after that with all the power DLIBYH, its such an amazing combination, one of my favourite moments in the disc
  8. Aww thank you, you're welcome :nice:

  9. Hello! i just wanted to say hello, and thanks for the amazing stuff you upload, really thanks :D

  10. Up with the birds its awesome i was like DD: when i heard it for the first time, i couldn't believe that coldplay came up with such a beautiful song, obviously they are capable of that but i didn't expect it at all. Anyways i loved it :D
  11. Chechoouu


    U.F.O is the proof that when coldplay go back to their roots, and make an acoustic song they come up with something just amazing and excellent!
  12. oh yeah, if you listen carefully to it, it's clearly a new version of MX, but i think AHT is better, and its a sound that you don't expect to hear in the album, at least i didn't expect it so when i listened to it y really loved it hahaha i turned it into my ringtone hahah
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