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  1. There are snippets?? Please may I have some snippets? <3
  2. TomJMusic


    To me, it almost feels as though they revisited their original ideas for Up in Flames and 'had another go'.. There's just so many similarities running through it. It was what I pretty much expected from hearing the little teaser clip but I quite like it. I think it's one of those tracks that'll be appreciated more in the context of the album.
  3. Cannot wait! :D There will be lights, don't worry! The start of the show will be fairly light but in no time at all it'll be dark enough. Been the same for previous open air stadium gigs. Yeah the colour section thing confused me a little bit too. I got blue. But as long as the tickets are 'Standing & Level 1 Unreserved Seats' then it's all good. I'm sure there'll be more info very soon :)
  4. Beyonce features on the album and 'had a hand' in some recording, that's very different from 'producing'. (Unless I've missed something announced more recently?) I see where you're coming from 100% but i still think it's jumping to conclusions too early. Beyoncé is a funny one generally.. she's very talented but she divides so much opinion, I'm always surprised.
  5. Okay. I see some people going slightly overboard here.. It's the lead single. Of course it's going to be more 'mainstream' and have elements of current chart music production/arrangement etc. It's just the nature of 'pop' album releases. Yellow came out on the back of brit-pop, lots of similar songs on the radio at the time. Same with a lot of subsequent tracks they've released as singles, album after album, it's just how it is. They're one of the biggest bands on the planet, their singles have to be commercial. (unfortunately?) You can't use one song to define the entirety of an unhear
  6. Wow. Love this. Her voice is incredible. And the harmonies are beautiful.
  7. Yeah there are some elements of that Wedding Bells demo that ended up being used in Christmas Lights. Can't think of specific ones though off the top of my head :( haha. I felt that Wedding Bells became U.F.O. though in all honesty? Very similar chords progressions...
  8. Blimey. There's nothing else quite like music to divide opinion so strongly and cause so much anger, love, passion, is there? This song will make sense I'm sure, as others have said, in the context of the album. And the way it's been arranged and produced etc, is also perfect for a stand alone single release in time for summer. Well planned. If you're not a fan, don't worry about it. What's the problem? Just don't give it any of your time, it's simple. There's a couple of Coldplay songs I don't particularly like too much that I skip past or avoid. But as a fan for some 11 or 12 years, it's
  9. Really, really like this. Hope this is showing off their current sound and direction, it sounds really great. Like many have said there's a real sound of previous albums (X&Y and Viva especially with arangment) but still having some of the production elements of MX and even tones of AROBTTH. Feels comparable and more on the level of a B-side track, rather than an album or single track though, if that makes sense? But that's by no means a bad thing. (Moving to Mars for example). If Atlas has a good reaction and reception/reviews, I hope they feel confident and maybe decide to release info/
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