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  1. Hi everybody, I need help - I lost the key to this list! Please figure it out ;) (I actually don't remember all of them, I made this a while back, at some point in early 2016, so the Kaleidoscope EP is not amongst the songs. I'm sure some of them are not quite as good as they could be and I believe there have been similar games on here, but maybe it's fun for some people :))
  2. Fair enough, that's not too much yet. Thank you for the live updates!
  3. Oh man, 50 people already. I think I'll have to say goodbye to the front row :(
  4. Unfortunately not, we have got our tickets :( Maybe put it on facebook? Are there many people queuing yet? I'm afraid getting there at 3pm might be a little late, but we won't make it earlier...
  5. I absolutely agree! The only thing that saddens me is that actual end - it's too abrupt for my taste. But that's something they're doing throughout the album: Birds, Army of One, Up&Up all end very abruptly. I feel like this song could've gone on for another 5 minutes. Oh well, still such an energetic song!
  6. LocoMH


    Yes, this song is live definitely much better, especially the end disappointed me a lot in the studio version. I'm just hoping they continue to do the "Just believe in love" thing for the tour, then I'll be happy hearing it three times and all is perfect :)
  7. LocoMH


    That's really not what I meant to say. I very much respect your guys' opinions for not liking whatever song you don't like because tastes simply are different. It's all about respect. The only thing I wish was different is people claiming it's very obvious that this (or any other) song is worse or better than any other song. Because it's not - we all have different tastes. Yes, from a very sober point of view one could argue that a song, again whichever song it may be, has a higher musical quality music or whatever you wanna call it. But that doesn't mean that some people won't prefer a song o
  8. LocoMH


    Easy, boy. Just saying what I think, definitely not hating on people who think their opinion is the word ;)
  9. I also hear I'm cold rather then I call :) Pretty sure there's an "m" sound.
  10. LocoMH


    People like Choldplayer are the reason I left this forum a while ago and just come back to check out the opinions on Everglow. I'm loving it! It also reminded me of Proof right away when I started listening to it. And I would bet that Gwyneth is the "woah" appearing every now and then.
  11. It's not possible that because of the Berlin concert the bands started glowing. I've got one from Berlin as well and I'd love to get it glowing...my theory is that there was some kind of r/c device that activated the bands. Someone should find out the frequency needed...I might at some point...just don't know when and how yet :)
  12. @Alf89: Das Problem hatte ich so ├Ąhnlich auch vor 2 Jahren in D├╝sseldorf - ich Vollpfosten hab das Bild allerdings um 90┬░ gedreht und hatte deshalb nichtmal Sitze nebeneinander gebucht...und in der allerletzten Reihe... F├╝r dieses Konzert hingegen habe ich Stehpl├Ątze - Front of Stage - und freu mich total!!
  13. Well, I'm sure you'd prefer going with a pretty girl then...but if you don't find one - as I said earlier, I'll probably be on my own. And maybe there's two girls out here who wanna go and don't know with whom yet? :D
  14. Anyone going? I really, really wanna go but I don't live really close and there's several factors why it's hard for me to get there (or rather back in time - I need to board a plane in Dresden the following day at 10 am...). And my friends live even further (closer to the Cologne one), so I might be alooone...
  15. Sorry, I won't give you that ;) Edit: Love your song, though! I guess I was speaking too much for me. It's just how I feel about this whole useless conversation and I feel bad about starting a thread for it. I guess on both sides there are "extremists" (not that I really mean this word ;)). I'm gonna leave this thread untouched now and hope people won't dislike me too much after this :P
  16. Sigh. Spreading hatred doesn't mean I think you're haters. I totally can accept your negative opinions. There's nothing wrong about them. And I don't think that "true fans" are determined at how much they like one song or another. I have not read those comments, but maybe that's because I didn't read most of the threads with stupid titles. Sorry for all those people who're trying to force their opinion on others, because that's exactly what I find so stupid about all this. To administramation: When, I ask you when, did I ever ask you to not voice your opinion and enjoy the song? :( I'm get
  17. Interesting question! Hard to say, though. Top 10 should be easily doable. Probably even Top3. My guess is it's gonna go up on 2nd :)
  18. You just totally didn't get my point. Once again - I just don't like if people spread their hatred on a song all over. In every single thread. And don't leave people who like the song (never said anything about worshipping...). Because that's all I want - to respect other people's opinions. I am not forcing you to like the song, not at all. I'm just saying respect my opinion and don't call people who like the song 12 year old (which you in particular didn't, but someone else did and I'm sure a lot of people thought the same). Because I respect your opinion and I don't call you 12 year old. Sa
  19. Duh, I never said or meant that...I don't even care about how big of a fan other people are...I conclude: We're both happy to have such a fantastic band on earth, even though you like other songs better than I do and vice versa. Just don't judge others by the songs they like. Peaaace!
  20. Well, all I read this morning was you writing in every single thread how much you hate this song and that it's for 12 year olds. I dislike that. I however like Coldplay. And that's for myself, yeah. I don't care about other people's goose bumps when they hear the songs. I don't care about other people's tears when they're crying to the most emotional songs. It's a little bit about me, yes :)
  21. What's wrong about it? Rihanna is a very talendet young singer. I will most likely enjoy here being part of this masterpiece of music. I don't see a reason for her not to be a small part of a song (ONE song...come on!).
  22. He's just bothered that Coldplay might get more fans in the future due to the insanely awesome music they're making ;) And I'm 20, for that matter :)
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