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  1. Merry early Christmas, Alexa! :awesome: How've you been lately? :) Haven't talked to you in FOREVER!!

  2. Congrats! That's so awesome! So what do you think of The 2nd Law and this tour so far? :awesome:

  3. Hello there!! Welcome to Coldplaying.com, Manish! :D
  4. Okay, thanks for letting me know!! :)

  5. ...And I just ran over the character limit again. :rolleyes: Anyway, emerald is my favourite gem, so I just adore my new ring. :D Plus, my mom already told me that she'll allow me a "little Muse.mu shopping spree" for Christmas, so I couldn't be happier!! :D MUSE MERCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bliss: :loveshower: I can't believe this weekend is almost here!! Are you celebrating it this weekend or the actual day of? :) Oh and merry early Christmas!! :dance:

  6. Yeah, 'Til Kingdom Come is just amazing in Spiderman!! :nod: Oh and yay!! I'm SO glad you also love The Lord of the Rings!! :dance: OMG, I went to go see The Hobbit this sunday, and it was SOOOO awesome!! Just wow. It was seriously spectacular. :wacko: And yeah, if you haven't yet, I'd definitely suggest you read the books when you get time. :) They're some of my all-time favourites. :D I understand what you mean about panic attacks when you're around too many people at once. Luckily though, I live in such a small town, seeing The Hobbit just 3 days after it came out in theatres, there were only 14 other people in the theatre with us, and they were all adults, so that made it even more enjoyable! :) And going around to see Christmas lights afterwards was a lot of fun, too! Really got me in the Christmas spirit. :D And I've already got 2 early gifts this year: this beautiful special edition of The Hobbit book, and from my sister, this REAL emerald ring! :heart:

  7. :lol: Well I'm glad my insane, impossible-to-comprehend frozen yogurt streaming up my arm story made you laugh! :D Haha! Yeah, that happens to me, too! I'm always so distracted by everyone and everything around me, I always overflow my soda from the soda machine, too!! xD My mom always rolls her eyes when I go to get a drink, 'cause she knows I'm gonna overflow it (wow, before I corrected it, I typed "My mom always rolls my eyes"...now that's weird to think about! :confused: :lol:) I'll never forget getting a drink and this guy I liked at the time walked in and I was all freaking out trying to hurry up and get back to my table before I did something goofy, and I ended up overflowing my drink, clumsily cleaning that up, then ended up trying 3 different lids before I found the one that fit, then I grabbed a straw and ran off, only to realize I'd grabbed a coffee stirrer instead. It was chaos, and my friend was rolling in the floor laughing. :rolleyes: So yeah, that's me. xD

  8. So do I just ask her for one, and she'll make me one? That's all I have to do to become "one of the cats"!?! :surprised:

  9. Oh, amazing!! :awesome: I'm seeing them for my first time in March. I'm TOO excited!! :bliss:

  10. WELCOME!!!! :D Hey there David and welcome to the awesome Coldplaying.com!! :dance: Hope you love it here as much as I do. :nice: Oh and I was happy to see how much you love The Scientist because it is my favorite song, as well!!!! :D It's just so beautiful and powerful. And my name is Glyn, btw. :happy: Anyway, have fun here on this lovely forum!!
  11. Spending time with my sweet little nephews and niece. :heart:
  12. Hello there, Lore!! Welcome to Coldplaying.com! Have fun!! :dance:
  13. Hey! I'm finding myself very unexpectedly busy today, hope you don't mind that I might take awhile longer on that PM? :)

  14. You cats seriously are taking over the board! :lol: And why, it'd be a true honour to also be a cool cat!! :laugh3: You really think that Thalia would make me one too?? :surprised: :cheesy:

  15. My, what a wicked new kitty avatar you have there!! :surprised: Reminds me a lot of my cat, Chloe. She's rather, uh, intimidating. :nod:

  16. Hey there and welcome to Coldplaying.com!! :nice: My name is Glyn, by the way. :)
  17. Hey!! I replied to your last message in a private message to have a longer character limit, hope you don't mind!! :happy:

  18. Sure! :nice: And awesome. Layton is awesome. :nod: :laugh3: And ooh, so you're a cool cat (or should I say terrifyingly demented cat) now too, huh? Cool! :lol: :awesome:

  19. WELCOME!! Welcome to Coldplaying!! I can't choose an absolute most favourite Coldplay song, as I just love them all so much, but I just must say that The Scientist is my most special song anyway. :heart: So I was very happy to see you list it as your favourite, as I just love it SO much, too. :nice: Oh and I'll be sure to follow you on Twitter. :) Well anyway, hope you have loads of fun here around Coldplaying.com!! :dance:
  20. Well, I didn't get a tour guide at Radiohead, but at Coldplay they were $20 each. Then the clothes were about $30-40 for a t-shirt and $60-80 for a sweatshirt or jacket. As for merchandise, they didn't really have much except for keychains and stuff, which those were low-priced. As for setlists, I never got one a concert, I just always print mine off the internet. Sorry I don't really know what the prices I named off would be in British pounds, but either way, every concert I've ever been to, everything is quite expensive and over-priced. I've never seen anything free at a concert except for the xylobands given out at Coldplay concerts. :laugh3: I'm just going by the concerts I've been to, but I'm assuming it's about the same at every big-name-band concert. Hope I helped! :)

  21. Hello there Mai and welcome!! :nice: Happy to see you posting and I hope you love it here as much as I do!! :dance:
  22. ^I couldn't agree with you more!! :lol: Anyway, welcome here to Coldplaying.com!! Hope you love it here as much as I do!! :nice:
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