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  1. Heyyyyy guys!!!!!! Taking the bus from Paris tonight to come see the concert tomorrow!!! :grinning:
  2. I understand your concern, but don't panic! Security has been super tight in France and stadiums are different venues than arenas. There is strong security around stadiums especially in France. Plus there's the security check/search as for every venue, and it's super tight, especially after what happened.
  3. Folks, Chris Daughtry was just announced as a judge....Chris Martin rumours were most definitely some misinterpretation over a "famous" Chris being announced as an American Idol judge :joy:
  4. That show is actually on another channel haha I have a feeling there are a couple of mixing/sound engineers in tv production companies that LOOOVE Coldplay :joy:
  5. There's a tv channel on French tv that sneaks Coldplay songs in every single show. It's so funny because you can have up to 8 snippets of various coldplay songs in a show that lasts an hour...They often put snippets of current hits in the background, but never that many of the same band haha
  6. Looking for: - 2 standing tickets for Frankfurt (01/07) - 2 tickets for Dublin DM me if you have anything that might correspond! Thank you :kissing_heart:
  7. ....or Car Kids ? :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:
  8. Hi everyone! I'm looking for 2 seated tickets for this show :) Please PM if you have anything! Thanks :kissing_heart:
  9. Hi everyone! I'm looking for 2 seated tickets for the 8th June show in Lyon :) Please PM if you have anything! Thanks :kissing_heart:
  10. Last night I met one of the first people that I've befriended on Coldplaying, Rafael (Prospector on Coldplaying)! He's from Brazil and currently in Europe for a few months, so we got to meet in Paris! This is insane, and very cool. I never expected to actually meet him some day, but it happened!! It was lovely to meet him and I'm very grateful to this community and to Coldplay for allowing me to meet people from allover the world, people who generally happen to be super nice and lovely, by the way! Can't wait to meet more Coldplay fans this summer! :)
  11. :joy::joy::joy::joy: Quite odd but also interesting interview! Thank you for posting and thanks to the translator!
  12. Just realised I've been using this as a reaction pic to everything on Twitter for over a year now! :joy: It's a screen cap i took from the Carpool Karaoke video, when Chris gets into James Corden's car..
  13. [MEDIA=twitter]844300841540575233[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/TicketmasterUK/status/844300841540575233 New tickets released!
  14. [MEDIA=twitter]844300841540575233[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/TicketmasterUK/status/844300841540575233 New tickets released!
  15. A second show in Edmonton was announced this morning! [MEDIA=twitter]842329499484205056[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/coldplay/status/842329499484205056
  16. Not exactly the last date, but close! [MEDIA=twitter]842329499484205056[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/coldplay/status/842329499484205056
  17. [MEDIA=twitter]842329499484205056[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/coldplay/status/842329499484205056 Date confirmed! August 22
  18. I'll make sure to be there :dizzy:
  19. Bless this band, bless this song. I absolutely love Hypnotised :dazzled: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I've been feeling pretty bad these past couple of months, having meltdowns every other evening at home. Been stuck in a frustrating situation. And this song arrives. I was walking on my way to work when it was released, so like I couldn't exactly watch the video and read the lyrics, I could only listen to the song. I started tearing up in the street :joy: The music, the melody in Chris' voice...it all made me feel like they knew my pain and to calm down and that there's always a way. This instant emotional connection makes it very special to me. I listened to it like 20 times yesterday and it genuinely calmed me down. And to top it all off, I find that the lyrics are beautiful, I think they're better than most, if not all, of AHFOD. Oh and my favourite moment so far is when Chris sings "..pouring to put out the pain" It's the moment that made me super emotional on first listen and it just resonates in me. Hauntingly beautiful.
  20. I would try to earn tickets for this and go, but I have a flight on the 7th from Paris to go to Dublin :sob: it would just be too complicated, i'm afraid, especially as Coldplay really are the only interesting act (for me personally) :(
  21. I've been on my own to several concerts and, for Coldplay, I always end up meeting people beforehand and having a great time talking with fans :) Do you have a standing or a seating ticket? I'd recommend to check out the threads in our Coldplay Live section. There is one for each concert, and, closer to the date, there's always someone offering to meet up sometime while queueing or after the concert. Or you can be the one to ask :) I know that I always end up talking to other fans and it's awesome. I can understand that if you're shy it can be a bit difficult though. People I've seen in the queues, especially the ones coming early, are generally very nice and quite friendly :) As for the concert itself, even if you haven't met anyone to spend it with, I say just focus on the show. The band share so much, they have such a great energy, you won't feel lonely at all! Just take it all in!
  22. This ^ I also feel we should all keep realistic expectations for this EP. First, it definitely won't have the new Chainsmokers track, or, if it does, it will be a Coldplay re-worked version, like several members here have been pointing out. I think this is quite likely to happen, as I don't see the whole band featuring on this song in the first place if they didn't have something larger in mind. Now, as for the EP as a whole, it's Coldplay we're talking about so they're always very coherent. "KEP" belongs to the AHFOD era, therefore it will sound like an attachment, an extension to AHFOD, like Prospekt's March was to VLVorDAAHF. So, if you didn't like AHFOD at all, you most likely won't enjoy most of the EP. If you did love AHFOD, you're likely to love KEP as well. If you want a different style, wait for LP8 and don't act extremely surprised and disappointed when the EP comes out, please.
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