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  1. The first letter was definitely legit, the second one seemed pretty legit too. The third one a copy. The way this is being sent, the way this campaign is going....I'm not sure we will get a formal announcement until much later. First the posters showing up randomly, then this. For years we've been sending letters to the band, saying how grateful we are not only for their music, but for the friends we made thanks to them. So they're now using our community, using the fact that we made friends, to send their announcement to a few random folks and counting on them to spread the word....That is so beautiful. Also the person who originally posted the letter did not make that up. That's for certain. And there is no way someone would have made a fake letter and dropped it in her mailbox ?! Or used Coldplay's database to troll us ?! So guys, enjoy it :D
  2. How many songs in total are we thinking ? omg should we bet on it I bet 20 songs in total
  3. This is so definitely real! The style of writing, the format itself, the fact that hey portable typewriters were invented in 1919.... And it's the coolest way possible to announce the new album!!! Plus, plus, plus, guys, guys....the word going around that the promotion was delayed for a little bit....Maybe because of the letter ? The uncertainty regarding that kind of announcement makes it even cooler. It feels very Coldplay but next level. ALSO Double album theory confirmed hehehehehe i can't believe this. This is something that Joel and I were sure of, but I used to think Coldplay would never ever release a double album. I didn't think they would ever take that kind of opportunity. Turns out they just had to free themselves from the first cycle of release, from their first big story (the 1st seven chapters) and then bam they went for it. This is so cool. The album title is a bit disappointing though, I find it a bit boring for a Coldplay album name haha we are used to much better, much more creative. However the letter and this title definitely also confirms the theory Joel and I had that this album would be like a political commentary on our times. I am SO, SO EXCITED!!! :dazzled:
  4. Yeah I could totally see that I'm not so sure the performance of the song would be leaked everywhere if Chris asked not to film it. The first time ASFOS was played, at a Coldplay concert they managed not to have it leaked massively... but we knew the song had been played of course! So if he did indeed play a new song, we may not have gotten an audio or a video of it but for sure, I agree, people would have talked about it and that information would have probably been all over the Internet, with descriptions of what it sounded like etc etc
  5. Maybe "TiT" for Trouble in Town ?? It's the likely first single based on the source code leak from coldplay.com....
  6. Technically, Friends , but this weekend I've also been watching the new series with Paul Rudd on Netflix, Living with yourself. Very good.
  7. Ouuuuh that's interesting! Coldplay's obsession with details and cohesiveness is impressive. Rumours about the producers have me fired up! Timbaland only knows how to make absolute bangers, and E-Lo was arguably the strongest track on that Los Unidades EP....This is going to be amazing!!! Them working some more with Coldplay, either on an album track or the full album, should be very interesting. It's also important to note that producers and musicians from every genre desperately want to work with Coldplay to experiment for themselves too. Like, it's not just about Coldplay branching out, it's also about those producers doing something different from what they're used to making...That's the appeal for both parts there. Coldplay's pretty strong identity and at the same time their ability to reinvent themselves each time with each album, is the secret to their longevity. Can't wait for them to be on top of the world once more hehehehehehe Anyway I was however disappointed by the lack of content today :mad: I'm confident we will get something -maybe an announcement or a complementary teasing on Monday tomorrow. Hopefully single on Friday?
  8. I think it will be one per day, they don't often post several things in one day....but since they're going to be "full of surprises" from now on, we don't know what will happen :joy: Btw I do have to express my love for that bit we heard. Even if it's technically just a cover of the intro of that Charlie Chaplin movie bit, it's so wonderful, so well done. Davide, our true king. My first reaction to hearing it was similar to a new mom hearing her a baby for the first time :joy: i was all tearful and like "oh this is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard :sob::sob::sob:" hahaha
  9. Guys. This snippet sounds so magical, but unfortunately it did not come straight from the heavens into Coldplay's brains. It's from a Charlie Chaplin movie (which makes sense), as Twitter user @_nora_lilo noticed : The Circus Prospers/The Lion's Cage
  10. Yes exactly. The jazz band is directly connected to the 1919 reference imo. But what does that lead to exactly, now that's interesting...
  11. I really think it's about the exact length adding up to 42 minutes. That can't be a coincidence.
  12. I like how us Coldplay fans are supposedly "obsessed" with 42 and seeing it everywhere BUT THEY'RE WORSE THAN US! It's all their fault
  13. These 8 songs because the length of the videos add up to 42 indeed On the 42nd week They are just too much hahahaha
  14. I knowwwwww it feels so good to be back though
  15. OK SO: As you all know rumour has it they're in for two consecutive albums. Lately I've been wondering why they're so specific about this early 20th century era for LP8....like, why??? Why specifically a reference to an eclipse : album release date, symbols.... AND NOW IT MAKES SENSE : Elyssa on twitter theorised that Moon = LP8 = this year Sun = LP9 = next year AND IT CLICKED: LP8 = the past. LP8 specifically refers to the past as a theme LP9 = THE FUTURE, and very colorful The bullshit theory about a Daft Punk collab would even somehow make sense in this scenario as part of LP9. It makes sense in regards to the rumour of the two albums. Why refer specifically to the past when they're usually so timeless ? Why ? Becaus ein this case the past is a starting point of the story they will tell through TWO albums. bam
  16. HELLO EVERYBODY!!!! Feels good to be home haha! Ok i have to post my theory on here i don't want to jinx it but like it makes sense IT JUST DOES
  17. Ohmygod perfect timing! I'm so glad you received it and that you're happy with it all! Merry Christmas :heart:
  18. Heeelllloooooo!!!!!! I hope you've all had a fabulous Christmas with your loved ones!!! I'm so sorry I kept forgetting to post about the *great* Secret Santa package I received a few weeks ago from Mortilorie! :heart_eyes: Here are the pics! : Thank you so much for this Christmas package and for your card! I love how everything was so neatly wrapped too! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
  19. Waaaaaaattttt hahahahahaha why thank you guys :joy::blush::heart_eyes::kissing_heart: And congratulations to all the winners!!!
  20. I received my package from Moniru this weekend! Thank you SO MUCH, it's wonderful! Wow! I was speechless discovering all these wonderful items! Excited to taste the tequila-filled chocolate heheehehehe Also i already know i'm going to put that hot air balloon patch on the denim jacket i bought this summer, it will be absolutely perfect :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Hope you all have wonderful holidays!
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