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  1. LP10????? We don't even know for sure when LP9 will be released :joy:
  2. :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

  3. Now that Coldplay are back, I've realized the huge emotional impact that they have on me. It's weird, but it so happens that during this hiatus, I had pretty much lost hope on many things. I had lost hope in the world and in humanity and it was all just fear. But now that they're back, I refuse to be hopeless, like, I genuinely see things under a different light, I definitely start feeling hopeful again. I think part of it is that with them back, I have new dreams and projects to look forward to, whereas when they were on break, I had to be 100% focused on..well, real, barely starting adult life and let's face it it's hard at times and not so fun :laughing: Now if I could apply that hope and energy to my own personal and professionnal life that would be excellent! :joy:
  4. Eh i just signed up for the free 1 month trial and once the videos are released it's safe to assume some folks will catch them and make them available somehow anyway.
  5. Actually I just realized something : they mentioned that via Youtube premium we would get exclusive content... So I assume that content might just be full videos of these beautiful animations for several tracks of EL.
  6. That's the second creative visual snippet we've seen from the album.... I suspect either a visual album is coming or full videos for several songs to be released....Or, but that would be less cool, the Jordan broadcast could include some of these visuals instead of 100% live music...but that's unlikely, right ?
  7. I forgot to post my impressions of the song! I've listened to the live version most in order to keep the studio version relatively fresh for when I finally listen to the album in full, so I haven't paid close attention to production and all the amazing and clearly quite various elements that went into the song yet. However I can say that I'm already absolutely in love with it. Chris' performance had a raw emotional energy that was powerful and really moving, and that definitely helped. I feel like it's a simple song with simple lyrics and a simple message, but it's the kind of message that can actually be a hard pill to swallow, and a genuinely difficult lesson to truly understand in life. It was exactly the kind of message that I needed to hear at this particular time of my life and I am really grateful for it. It's a surprising closer for Coldplay as we tend to expect epic songs to close the album, but this quiet, simple ballad is actually pretty relevant as a closer for this particular album. I haven't even heard the album in full yet but I can already feel it. It's really the end of the story where the narrator is like "well, what now? What have we learnt from this ?" It sums up the message of the album (EMPATHY) and it's really wise. Oh and personally so far I still prefer the live version, the Chris on piano/Jonny on guitar combo is always irresistible and a proper tear jerker.
  8. My point is : we only have a week and a half to wait for new Coldplay music, we know that, but we don't know how much we are going to have to wait after that, and it definitely won't be just 10 days haha and in the meantime we already have some content to keep us waiting. Once they're done promoting (which tbh could happen very very fast), it's completely over. So yeah if you wait until official release date, you do have a longer time enjoying the era and the experiences as they are meant to be experienced. Btw i do not personally have a strong stance on leaks, the only thing that matters to me is that everyone buys the album. I'm just here for emotional support to whoever is unsure or looking for arguments not to hear it lol AND OFFICIALLY : As a Coldplaying moderator I am here to remind you that we do not encourage leaks as they are, well, illegal and disrespectful to the band and their crew and jeopardize their campaign. The latest posts in this thread have been encouraging leaks and listening to leaks a lot and that's just not in line with Coldplaying's official stance on the matter.
  9. My ultimate argument for anyone who's undecided about whether or not to look for a leak right now : they won't tour this album, and while there are signs that the next one is coming soon, we don't know exactly when, we don't know for sure how long we are going to have to wait for new Coldplay music. One way to make this era feel just a little bit longer is to wait those few days that separate us from official album release...
  10. My plan : listen to the album just once as soon as it's released (hopefully midnight that day), then the live versions
  11. Since we don't encourage leaks in this house I should point out spoilers, while not against the rules, aren't welcome either. We want the album release experience to be fun for everybody so please everyone no spoiler or anything, let's not ruin the fun! Thank you!
  12. Oh yeah that would be amazing Their instrumental openers are so good Well, their openers are always incredible let's face it.
  13. I'm absolutely convinced it'll be super dark and super sad and definitely some form of interlude with voice memos indeed. Coldplay have like zero chill anymore with this album, I mean now that we have Orphans, with such striking lyrics already, I could see them go for something as hard-hitting as this. It could definitely about children losing their fathers, or fathers losing their children as well, it could very well be about fatherhood in general and not just from a child's point of view.
  14. Remember the leak on Coldplay.com ? it mentionned a performance in Amman, Jordan...This bit could have also been shot there, at the famous ruins site ?
  15. Unfortunately Jonny does not play in Arabesque. Playing the guitar are : Le Trio Joubran (acoustic guitar), Drew Goddard and Chris. Although Jonny is in the writing credits so I guess we can say that we do hear him somehow ? :grinning::joy: But yeah I agree the guitar work is absolutely superb in this song and for me too it's one of the best things about Arabesque.
  16. I've watched this interview so many times back in the day and I can't believe it gives such a big clue for what was eventually coming a decade later :joy: Great find!
  17. - Intro : 0.00 - 0.29 : Moses! :heart_eyes: It's so sweet and unexpected to hear him have this conversation with his father. It's so relevant as an introduction to the song though. Here you can already tell that the video is some kind of behind-the-scenes of the making of both the song and the video, as we will figure out later. Sweet and personal and relevant. And definitely the most Mat Whitecross of all their videos :joy: - Mysterious dark place : 0.29 - 0.48 : ok WHAT is this place ? We need to turn into CSI mode and figure this out. It does feel like...an abandonned place of some kind ? ruins perhaps ? It looks like...it's a negative view... it has some form of stage and columns ? I love hearing the acoustic version. I assume we will get to hear it again this era, perhaps through an acoustic session if they at some point decide to promote the album decently. - Chris on the stairs : 0.49 - 1.28 : Acoustic version some more! This is a solid performance! I can't believe no one caught that. It wasn't even shot long ago, we were all on high alert...smh.. I read on Twitter that the place is most likely the stairs across from Madison Square Garden in NYC. And for once I approve of Chris' outfit :joy::heart_eyes: - Acoustic but with the band : 1.28 - 1.58 : at this point the video starts feeling like it's a proper mess :joy:but it's so good to finally see the band together! It's interesting how they legit use footage from the studio and then a garden performance... it makes you feel part of the process... Obviously important to note the flowery shirt too... - Band with dancers on the beach : 1.59 - 2.16 : this sequence looks so cool , I feel like it's too short! I wish we would have seen more of it, perhaps this sequence with the emails on screen, and another sequence without the emails ? The settings, the dancers, it looks really beautiful. Now about the emails : as we know, these emails are actually emails exchanged between Mat, the team and the band regarding the video...Now that's something I would have never expected to see! They are quite interesting and would be definitely worth capturing... Some of them add meaning to the video and the song. One actually mentions how instruments used (in a later sequence) should look like instruments kids would have built from parts and weapons found in a bombed Aleppo street :sob::sob: It's great to see that they genuinely took the topic seriously and went to great lengths to add cohesive, relevant details. Also the scene on the beach has a nice Chris/Jonny moment and indeed catching Phil on his phone :joy: - In the room : 2.17 - 2.35, 2.49-2.56, 3.17-3.24, 3.27-3.34 : brilliant idea! I'm sure there are quite a few interesting details in the room itself (for instance the poster that reads Cherubim seraphim). As this was brought up before, I think it meant to represent how your home is shaken because of the bombings... You would have expected this setting, in a normal video, to really be the main set, like, at least half of the song. It's cool that they didn't just use this. I love the shots with the sunset light onto the room....Beautiful. This one represents the song really well. Its upbeat energy is shown in the performance, in the dance and in the band's joyful expressions, and the severity of the lyrics is represented by the set itself. Brilliant. Many gif-able moments there :joy: - Shadow Coldplay : 2.35-2.49, 2.56-2.59, 3.15-3.17, 3.25-3.26, 3.35-3.36 : and THAT's the part that made me cry... It may all be a coincidence, but this looks like a reference to a previous Mat Whitecross directed Coldplay video, Lovers in Japan (....actually quite a lot of the video feels like LiJ, could be interesting to list all the common points). The shots are absolutely gorgeous, and it also feels like a reference to the band's career... VLV, their early days (the sunflowers :sob: ), the birds (later days, MX, GS, AHFOD)... - Set with band and protesters/dancers 3.00-3.14 , 3.36-3.46: that's perhaps my least favourite part, in the sense that I'm not especially fan of the aesthetics there (the juxtaposition of the black & white set, the characters in every corner and the flowers in the middle..a bit too much for me). However it's another interesting part serving the message of the song. Here there are references to protests all over the world for peace, freedom and social justice, but also the instruments used by the band are made from weapons and things kids could find in the streets. It's a relevant conclusion, it carries a message similar to Mylo Xyloto : hope can grow from anywhere. The BOUM BOUM KA drawings look very cool tho. - Ending : Chris being Chris :joy: it's nice to show that to the world. This is a very humble ending and also does fit with the song somehow (as it demonstrates empathy). Overall, the structure of the video is insteresting because it shows how the different sets have different purposes. It seems that some of them are mostly about the song and its meaning, while others seems very personal. It all feels so genuine and a truly interesting insight into the band that we've missed for so long. It's a mess but I love it :heart_eyes:
  18. The video is a wild emotional ride especially from a Coldplay fan's point of view. Wow. I absolutely adore Mat Whitecross for this. It's an insane mess but it somehow makes so much sense. Watching the video for the first time got me very emotional but also made me realize how they are truly not holding anything back anymore - it feels exceptionally personal. I think that's what makes the video stand out : it both carries the message of the song AND showcases and references the band in a very direct, band-to-fan, personal sort of way. Ohmygod i have things to do but INSTEAD how about we take a look at each theme/sequence separately and highlight what's so great about each of them ?! Yes i'll do that :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
  19. I loved it on first listen but I genuinely love it more and more now each time I listen. This song is the most savage I heard Chris be since the Viva era (Violet Hill and Glass of Water's lyrics are SAVAGE af). I mean...Can you believe he straight up sings lyrics like "Guess we'll be raised on our own then" like WOW Orphans is truly a fascinating song, the more you look at the lyrics, at the concept of it. The accuracy in the portrayal of the bombings and the aftermath for its victims....The song is truly heartbreaking and yet uplifiting at the same time, thanks to the music. And it's so catchy. Ugh. Guy and Jonny absolutely nail this one. Brilliant. I love it.
  20. Aaaah yes, totally makes sense, especially with what Chris has been saying : he keeps mentionning he records EVERYTHING he hears, and I think in the Annie Mac interview they mention that there are some of these recordings in the album.
  21. Yeah that is my assumption too... We only have the title but it just SOUNDS like a big hit :joy:
  22. Yeah it should be interesting, especially for me I'm curious about the beginning of the track! I'm wondering what the transition between the two albums will sound like...Will it flow seamlessly into Guns or will it be a clear cut and abrupt start for Guns ? Coldplay love making songs that flow naturally into one another, but they also like to include very brutal endings every once in a while (like Birds)...
  23. Good point guys! I created the thread and added it to the recap lists here :) Thanks!
  24. As requested, here's the dedicated thread for Flags, the bonus track for the Japan version of Everyday Life! Ok, question : am I hallucinating or have we come across this name before ??? :moon:
  25. Hi guys! Now that we have the official track list, we are creating individual threads for each track, if you feel like discussing one in particular. We may build subsections, as for previous eras, but if that happens it will be a bit later. Since this is a double album we have a lot of tracks hence a lot of threads, so here's a recap for all the links - I'm also adding it the first post of this thread so it's easier to find. This might come in handy if more and more threads are created in the weeks leading up to album release. Sunrise 1. Sunrise : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/sunrise-the-track.125593/ 2. Church : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/church-sunrise.125594/ 3. Trouble in Town : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/trouble-in-town-sunrise.125595/ 4. BrokEn : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/broken-sunrise.125596/ 5. Daddy : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/daddy-sunrise.125597/ 6. WOTW / POTP : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/wotw-potp-sunrise.125598/ 7. Arabesque : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/arabesque-sunrise.125540/ 8. When I Need A Friend : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/when-i-need-a-friend-sunrise.125599/ Sunset 1. Guns : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/guns-sunset.125600/ 2. Orphans : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/orphans-sunset.125541/ 3. Èkó : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/Èkó-sunset.125601/ 4. Cry Cry Cry : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/cry-cry-cry-sunset.125602/ 5. Old Friends : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/old-friends-sunset.125603/ 6. بنی آدم (Bani Adam) : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/بنی-آدم-bani-adam-sunset.125604/ 7. Champion Of The World : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/champion-of-the-world-sunset.125605/ 8. Everyday life : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/everyday-life-the-track-sunset.125606/ + Flags : https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/flags-sunset-bonus-track-japan-exclusive.125607/ Anyway, you may resume general LP8 discussion!
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