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  1. He loves that brand, that's where he got the smiley cap :triumph: :whip:
  2. Can't ever rank Coldplay songs this is the best I've got: 1. Miracles (Someone Special) 3. A.L.I.E.N.S. / Something Just Like This 4. Hypnotised 5. All I Can Think About Is You I put AICTAIY in last as it's the one I've listened to the least. I feel less of a connection with this song. But I still think all of these songs are absolutely brilliant, the level of this EP is incredible. I love all of it.
  3. I was regular standing on the 16th, didn't arrive at the venue until the afternoon. You must've mixed it up with someone else haha I did appear on the big screen on July 15 though! During Yellow I think.
  4. Wait WHAT How is that possible, I was barrier at the C stage last night ?! Was it then that you saw me? Otherwise it was definitely someone else haha
  5. One of the best Coldplay concerts i've attended! Absolutely incredible. I was there the night before as well, but the crowd was even better on the 16th. I mean they even started a Mexican wave DURING the concert when Chris was talking. Insane. Insane. I'm going to the 3rd date as well, will post my reviews whenever i can! This is really an adventure of a lifetime and my favourite shows of the tour so far. So happy and grateful.
  6. Sorry didn't see your post! I'm going to all three! :D
  7. You should try to contact the venue and Livenation as soon as possible to double check. The Stade de France has a twitter account so you can try that too.
  8. Hello there! :) To create a thread, go to the most relevant forum first. All forums are reachable through Coldplaying's home page (click on our logo to go there). In each forum, there is a button called "Post a new thread". You'll find it right across from the pages numbers, just above the list of threads. Please make sure to check that there's no existing thread on the topic you'd like to talk about, before creating your thread. If you'd like to ask something specific about a concert date for instance, please reply directly in the thread corresponding to your concert. Hope this helps! Enjoy Coldplaying! :)
  9. That is so cute!!!!!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Enjoy the concert guys!!!
  10. Yes, exactly :) At the stade de France you absolutely have to enter through the gate ("porte") that is indicated on your ticket. They don't allow people to enter through gates that are not the one written on their ticket.
  11. Will try to write about this weekend's adventures tomorrow! I feel quite lucky to have seen this show :heart:
  12. While Early Entry tickets are theoretically not transferable (at least for the Paris dates), these documents may work, so I highly recommend you to at least send that to your buyer, as well as a contact number just in case.
  13. I'm pretty sure we'll get maybe one live performance of this song though....definitely not made for their concerts.
  14. Absolutely brilliant work omg While I don't feel a deep personal connection to it like Miracles (Someone special), I love it! It's just amazing. I have no words. Can we have Car Kids now ? :D
  15. Chris' enunciation is indeed a mystery and often leads to confusion, as our forums' history has shown :nod:
  16. I'd say between 11am and 1pm cet
  17. Coeurli


    Welcome to Coldplaying! I'm going to Dublin this Saturday, i have a seated ticket! Enjoy the show!!!!
  18. Now you all know i'm extremely positively biased when it comes to Coldplay music but myohmy I LOVE IT! I'm honestly really surprised, I didn't expect it to hit me like that but wow! I love it! It's very promising. I had a quite difficult night out yesterday which resulted in me being super drunk and super sad about myself. Like, really, really down. I woke up suddenly at around 6am and saw that the song had been played and listened to it. And i was shocked because even if i can't figure out all the lyrics properly, i can feel that for once these days, it's not another song about a love story, it's about finding strength within yourself. And they played it that night. Coldplay's timing is always incredibly good for me haha! I played it twice in a row and I just, really, I just really really feel grateful for this song already. I really needed it ? At that moment too? Chris has some kind of weird psyche thing going on i tell you!
  19. So I finally finished writing down my experience for this amazing concert! It's pretty long so i'm hiding it haha People who are not huge Coldplay fans like me often ask me what even is the point of seeing them several times in the same tour and rarely believe me when i say that « each concert experience feels different ». Oh boy it does ! I'm super lucky to be able to follow them on several dates this year and my latest stop was Frankfurt. Claire and I went through quite an adventure to get to our bstage spot ! And ohmygod i'll need to tell you the most insane thing ever that happened to us too and that you may have caught on social media. And that was my crazy Frankfurt adventure ! I gotta say, not the one I enjoyed the most, but as always, Coldplay make it all worth it. My sixth Coldplay concert was amazing and once again it's thanks to the good people I know thanks to this band, it's thanks to Coldplay's amazing crew who put all this together in every goddamn city, and it's thanks to the incredible artists and people that Coldplay are. I love them so much and I'm so grateful for everything they've brought into my life. On Friday Claire and I take the plane this time, destination : Dublin !!! Woohoo !! It's going to be so great ohmygod ! Pics
  20. Here's a recap of the important information for tomorrow (source: coldplay news) The festival will be streamed live on the Global Citizen Youtube channel! Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/globalcitizen Here’s a time converter to know what time it’s on in your area: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20170706T190000&p1=307
  21. Wow, Frankfurt was a wild adventure for me! I'm going to write my review and post it asap!
  22. Going to Dublin this Saturday!!! Wooohooooooo!!!!!! This will be my 7th Coldplay concert! 7 is a lucky number right ? Hopefully that means an even greater setlist than usual :joy:
  23. Man this EP is going to sound magical
  24. This is a great decision, I have to wear glasses so a concert under the rain isn't as fun and exciting for me as for people with a perfect sight!
  25. Hellooooooooooo everyone! Can't believe this concert was 3 weeks ago already! Time flies by! I'm lucky to be able to see Coldplay a few times this year and this was the first round. I went to the concert with my good friend Claire. My sister lives in Lyon and it's just a 2 hour train ride away from Paris (where we live) so the trip wasn't too much trouble for us (Frankfurt and Dublin are going to be another story though haha). It was SO hot that day though and the organisation regarding the city and the venue was definitely poor for several reasons. First of all, as per usual with French authorities and organisations, they tend to greatly underestimate the importance and the impact of a Coldplay concert. The fact that the concert is sold out doesn't seem to bother them that much?! Anyway the system they implemented to get inside the venue was rather crap and greedy: you had to book special and super expensive tram or parking tickets so you could be allowed in the area. We took the tramway, but holyshit there were so many people for so little trains!!! Thankfully around 7pm they realized they needed to bring bigger trains and the queue went much quicker. Then, queuing at the entrance of the stadium was also absolute hell, no organisation whatsoever as tramways were coming from everywhere, no one was respecting the queue... And after all that, after all the security warnings and announcements, the strategy and choices we had to make so we weren't going to be stopped by security....Security turned out to be poor af: we saw people with backpacks and huge bags inside the stadium :| Anyway, we arrived quite late that day because for the first time, we went to see a stadium Coldplay concert with seating tickets ! We wanted to get a different view, enjoy the whole light show, and Claire couldn't necessarily take another day off to queue either. And we did not regret it ! Our seats were in the higher sections but not at all at the back of the stadium, so we had a splendid view over the 3 stages. That was perfect ! Ultimate luxury : just an hour before Coldplay's set, we were able to GO TO THE BATHROOM (wooowwwwwwwwww), get beers and a hot dog !!! (ohmygod) First time in my life i get to experience that at a concert wow boy did it feel nice ! I always have to live Coldplay gigs with a full, ready-to-burst bladder and a dry throat, so this was awesome. The other great thing about it is that we got special Coldplay cups with our drinks !!! They're beautiful ! They have the AHFOD logo and everything. We unfortunately missed the first opening act (see first part) but were able to catch half of the second one I believe, which was rather nice ! The atmosphere was quite calm in the stadium and people arrived rather late i thought. It only got energetic and truly exciting a few minutes before the set, as there were lots of Mexican waves (love them, live for them). They started about 10 minutes late. Claire is part of the ColdplayCorner team and set up a Facebook live through which she managed to show most of the show. If you followed that one Facebook live, the incredibly loud voices that you heard were mine and Claire's hihihi sorry (but at least that's a testament of how i do truly enjoy my Coldplay concerts). We caught a few funny comments like « wow thank you this is incredible but you're absolutely terrible singers » or « shut up we can't hear the concert properly » hahahahaha We got up right as the concert started, but unfortunately most people in our block only stood up for a few songs, not the whole show...we were clearly the most enthusiastic, and our neighbours looked absolutely disgusted to have us there haha ! The man next to me disappeared after 5 songs, I found him 5 rows below at the end...The woman next to Claire looked rather bored throughout the concert, which seems impossible to me but eh to each their own i guess. So yeah this was also a great experience because we had all the advantages I mentioned earlier about being able to go late to the concert, whilst enjoying the concert as if we were standing down there! Coldplay were as usual incredible, awesome, wonderful, full of positive energy...and the world's biggest trolls. They actually started the Birds intro before switching to GPASUYF hahaha There was a funny moment during the song actually, as he told the crowd « raise your arms when i start jumping » but they only heard the first part and started raising their arms, clapping and jumping very early, and he laughed haha that was adorable I didn't mind not having Birds, as I was lucky enough to saw them in Manchester last year, therefore I got to experience it at least once. It's one of my absolute favourite off the album, but I know that most people who come to see them have only listened to it once (if at all)...so the atmosphere for Birds isn't as awesome as it should be, and definitely not as great as with GPASUYF for obvious reasons. I can understand why any fan would be upset at that kind of change though, as you're here to see the AHFOD tour...not the Coldplay's Biggest Hits tour :| at least that kind of change does sort of make sense, GPASUYF truly is a great moment to witness afterall. AHFOD was actually quite a highlight of the show (i think it comes from the fact that we're releasing all that adrenaline at the start, it's just always insane), as well as SJLT (people do know that one haha). I didn't expect it to be one of my highlights (i do like the song tho), i was just so surprised at the crowd's reaction, it made it all the more amazing. We did not get the request at all. That was frankly disappointing. I get that they were late, but when you ask your fans to make requests videos and you make them hope for something like that….you could drop your other C-stage song. The song for Lyon was absolutely adorable though ! Chris talked quite a lot, and tried his best in French, it was amazing ! You could tell he's a fan of Stromae now hahahaha That was a really nice gesture which does sort of make up for the lack of request that night. Sort of. Raising the French flag for ETIAW definitely was a good trick as well for the French crowd. He acknowledged the difficulties that we went through, as well as his country's. He didn't make a big deal but as always he's just very moving, with his generosity and his sincerity and the love that he gives to the crowd. The view over the Xylobands in the whole stadium was absolutely stunning and I'm so happy to have seen it for myself and not in pictures as usual (you do see it from downstairs, it's just that you have to raise your eyes and turn around and it's not the first thing on your mind in that situation haha). We had the white Xylobands too ! That was so cool, so happy to have this one in my collection ! The confetti explosions and fireworks are also much more noticeable from up there and pretty goddamn cool. When the first one happened in AHFOD, we yelled so loud we were like OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHSHIT Just incredible. So that was my fifth Coldplay concert and despite the lack of change in the setlist I still feel incredibly privileged and lucky to have seen them again. Something I told myself that evening, during the concert, was that when I look for a spot in the universe, somewhere that I feel is my place : that's what a Coldplay concert is. It's just where I belong. I'm about to embark on the craziest month with 5 other Coldplay concerts and it's completely a dream come true and I'm incredibly happy and grateful. I love them so much. Going to take the bus tonight, see you in Frankfurt tomorrow !
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