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  1. That mic feedback happened on the first of two nights in Buenos Aires; the live release is supposedly from the second night. Even if it were a problem, there are plenty of other performances to use. The band have a multi-track recording of each concert. The Tokyo Remix from Kaleidoscope EP wasn't even recorded . To me it just strikes as laziness. Makes me wonder where else they've cut corners. Like how different are the tracks which are on both Live in Buenos Aires and Love in Tokyo? Sure there's different vocal takes here and there, but overall they sound very similar. I'm too lazy to do a
  2. I think that’s due to a bad rip of the original CD. Unless you own the actual CD?
  3. An interesting tidbit on the topic of fading. CD1 ends with a fade-out of a guitar loop at the end of Charlie Brown; CD2 fades in with the piano outro for Charlie Brown, on the track for Hymn For the Weekend. This is the case for the Spotify version as well, although the fades are obviously unnecessary for the non-physical versions. However on iTunes/Apple Music the track lengths indicate that Charlie Brown's piano outro is included on the track for Charlie Brown itself, so most likely the unnecessary fades have been removed for the "mastered for iTunes" version. I'm not subscribed to
  4. Have you checked the iTunes preferences? (Under the Edit menu on Windows.) Under the Downloads section there's a toggle for the preferred resolution.
  5. Just listened to the CD, haven't seen the film yet. I've some first observations. (They're rather negative, open spoiler at your own risk.)
  6. So per Coldplay's latest tweet, we know that Live in São Paulo will get an HD release on iTunes, at least. Still, a Blu-Ray version would be nice, which would be in a less compressed video format, and of which the copy-protection could be stripped without transcoding (I think).
  7. The file is copy-protected, so simply sharing the downloaded file won't work. The only option as far as I know is to make a screen recording, or re-encode in some other way. (Or crack the protection somehow, but that's nontrivial, if at all possible.)
  8. Some thoughts on the new UATW release. Most people seem to like the new silver bird part, but I liked the song for its humbleness, while this new addition makes it a bit too… grand? for me personally. About the production: I applaud them for not editing in excessive amounts of crowd noise for once. Also, Jonny sounds amazing, especially at the beginning. But what the hell happened to Will’s voice? His part sounds so autotuned and/or otherwise processed he almost sounds robotic to me. Or am I just crazy? Haven’t seen anyone else mention this. On the Butterfly release as a whole, I’m
  9. That’s right. Conversely, the São Paulo gig will only have a video release. Of course it’ll be possible to rip the audio from the video, but that might not work well because, as mentioned earlier in this thread, the Viva video uploaded yesterday has crowd noise fading in and out in sync with the video, which will make listening without watching feel weird.
  10. Oh, right, the song wasn’t played that night. My mistake.
  11. That's weird, yeah. I can't imagine this film not having a HD release at all, so perhaps another exclusive streaming deal is yet to be announced before the Blu-Ray version appears. Seems like it. That song has had a curious history, hasn't it. It also means that their claim that this is the first time a Coldplay concert has been released in its entirety is not 100% true. Also, if you play the newly released performance of Viva la Vida alongside a crowd-filmed video of that performance, say , you can see that in some shots Chris' position and movements don't match up; so those shots
  12. Thanks for a very enjoyable listen! I was a bit worried at the start since I'm not fond of ranking music myself, but in the end the lists didn't bother me and I thought the discussions on the songs were very good. There was never a dull moment. It was striking how similar your lists often were! (And how different to mine, if I were to make them.) This may be a bit early in the show's lifetime, but do you have any plans to monetize the show? It seems to me like podcasters have an easier time to keep going if they get some revenue from it. Anyway, best of luck! I hope it gains some traction w
  13. Antwerp, Belgium. Hard choice, but I'll have to go with A Rush of Blood.
  14. Could be, but then they would be incorrectly labelled FM. Also if the signal was already digital, then they shouldn't have re-encoded it at all. Unless that's impossible due to DRM or something. Here's 2011–2012. I might've missed something, I'll update if so. 2011-07-03 Main Square Festival, Arras, France 2011-06-11 Pinkpop, Landgraaf, Netherlands 2011-12-9 O2, London 2011-12-06 Dingwalls, London 2012-08-28 Parken, Copenhagen, Denmark 2012-09-06 Malieveld, The Hague, Netherlands ← This one is straight from the mixing desk. It's not a capture of a broadcast. Sounds pretty good :)
  15. Yes, most of the Ghost Stories concerts sound really bad. Looking at the spectrograms of the other concerts I have in a lossless format, none of them seem to be truly lossless. Perhaps the band seeded the radio stations with a lossy stream or something. Anyway, here's the only other two Ghost Stories concerts I have in a lossless format. Both seem to have had a lossly conversion somewhere along the line. 2014-04-26 Kurhaus, Baden-Baden, Germany 2014-05-28 Casino, Paris, France ← This one's in .shn but it's a lossless format so it can be converted to FLAC without further loss of informat
  16. Okay, here's the one I mentioned. I'll upload more tomorrow, probably. 2014-07-01 Royal Albert Hall, London
  17. Alright, so I should, for instance, upload the 2014-07-01 Royal Albert Hall concert, even though it was an “official” resource on the site previously?
  18. Here's a first one. 2014-06-12 Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan The spectrogram makes me suspicious of the actual losslessness of the audio, but I myself didn't convert the files in any way. Also what about these? Will they be (or are they already) up? The threads are still there but the associated resources don't seem to exist anymore. Just so I know whether or not to bother with the ones of those I have.
  19. Great initiative! I'll contribute. I assume we post the links here in this thread?
  20. Wow that’s very interesting and weird. For the first part of the first verse the live audience certainly got the prerecorded track; I recognize it since I’ve heard it way too many times. Then near the end of the verse I think I can hear a bit of both mixed in, until it’s fully live. I guess the intention was for the broadcast to be live as well but something got screwed up. Reminds me a bit of what happened with Up&Up on the Rose Bowl stream.
  21. Interesting to know that such a thing happens in the industry. Chris definitely knows though. A little while ago they let a fan play Clocks on the piano with the rest of the band during a rehearsal (which is quite cool in itself) and Chris asked explicitly for his vocal track to be activated. The fan was blind, so Chris lip-synching while right next to her is quite the irony. She didn't know it was happening at all, apparently. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to link to her personal Facebook profile (links were deleted from ColdplayAtlas's Twitter page it seems) so I downloaded and re-upload
  22. :eek: Where to get those rehearsal recordings? Care to share in exchange for some lossless instrumentals? ;)
  23. I'm really unsure :confused: Harder to tell than with Coldplay where it's much more obvious. A click track doesn't imply backing tracks though, so it might just be more convenient to The Racing Rats to a click track for a different reason. I think I have an interpretation for the [instrument] [arrow] [band member] though (which might've already been obvious to you): I think "perc ↑ Ed" means "Ed needs the percussion turned up in his monitors during this song". Anyway, we're straying a bit far from Will Champion I guess :p and I should get cooking for tonight.
  24. I looked up some videos and tried to maybe associate the use of backing tracks in with songs where it says CK, but it's hard to even tell if they use any backing tracks. Do you know if they play 100% live? I'm not really familiar with Editors so I can't speak with as much confidence about them than about Coldplay, whose performances I've listened to for hours upon hours. I can say one thing for sure though: YouTube will be recommending me a lot of Editors videos for the foreseeable future :p
  25. I've no idea, can't find anything from a quick Google search, but could very well be. Might be an abbreviated as CLicK track of CLick tracK. Could be that it's not a common abbreviation, just one that particular band uses. Could you share a pic of the setlist?
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