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  1. Depending on that actual rapper's lyrics, I could go for that. He did a track with Jay-Z a while back that was just that. He took over the chorus, Jay-Z had the verses, and if you take away the thumping beat the music is pure Viva-era coldplay. I think it was called Beach Chair.
  2. Funny you should mention him. Now that I think about it, Eminem has experimented with hip-hop the way Coldplay has with alternative rock. On AOO/XMTS, at 4:27 when that guitar comes in I was distinctly reminded of him. He used it so much it became a part of his sound at one point. And now Em has as much of a unique position in hip-hop as Coldplay has in... well... music (can't even call them alternative rock at this point) in that people just expect him/them to sound different to what else is out there.
  3. I re-listened to AIMH after reading this, and you know what? I still don't see what's so bad about it. I love it. My only gripe is it isn't longer, but that is an artistic choice they made and I respect that. Just an opinion...
  4. I liked this since my first listen. I understand the dislike because it is essentially hip-hop, a genre that many who listen to alternative music tend to avoid like a sickness, but I am ok with both so this has my thumbs up. Lyrically though, I will pick this over 99.9% of the mainstream hip hop purely because of its content. Mainstream hip-hop lyrics tend to sound like the verbal equivalent of puke. Just an opinion...
  5. This is actually the first Coldplay album where I was not thrilled by the album opener. Funny thing is, it's also the first time the abum closer doesn't thrill me either. Maybe it's because I had such high expectations of a first track that I found this disappointing. Today I put the album on and actually skipped straight to Birds. This never happens! Maybe if it had been somewhere other than the first or last position I would be able to see what everyone else seems to see (or hear) in it. Right now it seems like this will take a while for me to grow into. :( Lol ok that smiley looks wa
  6. My favourite song on the album at the moment. I'll probably do like I did with Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love and separate the two manually, then rename them as separate tracks. Never did understand this joint tracks idea. Lovers in Japan is 5/5 for me and Reign of Love I don't even listen to. Just an opinion...
  7. Round 1: MX/Hurts like heaven vs. Always In My Head Round 2: Paradise vs. Magic Round 3: Charlie Brown vs. Ink Round 4 Us Against The World vs True Love Round 5: MMIX/Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Vs. Midnight Round 6: Major Minus vs. Another's Arms Round 7: Up in flames vs Oceans Round 8: A Hopeful Transmission/Don't Let It break Your Heart vs. A Sky Full of Stars Round 9: Up with the birds vs. O MX:3 GS:6 Loved MX but an easy win for Ghost Stories! :-)
  8. Just got the album today so I haven't made my mind up yet on the rankings, but I very nearly put the ending of O first. I mean, WHAT. THE. HELL?? Is music allowed to be this good? :-)
  9. Lol at paradise nowhere to be found. Anyway it's occurred to me that the reason Coldplay singles have such a hard time charting to the number 1 and 2 spots is that their albums are so good that after single #2 people buy the albums and feel no need to buy the singles later. It explains why the earlier singles (e.g. Viva, Paradise) fare better on the charts than the later ones (LiJ, CB?). Compare that with chart-rippers with fantastic singles but lacklustre albums. I'm no expert so I'm open to correction, but maybe Coldplay is paying a price here for being so good? That being said, go C
  10. After The Escapist, my favourite off the album.
  11. Oh wow. An eleven-year-old thread. Well, eleven years later and I'm experiencing the same symptoms: my favourite changes daily/weekly. Today it's The Escapist. It got me searching for this thread. Cheers:)
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