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  1. okey so your posture isn't pro 2003, its against 2012...
  2. one of them has Fix You.... I dont have to explain why i chose 2012 also
  3. Round 1: Politik vs. MX/Hurts Like Heaven Round 2: In My Place vs. Paradise... tough one Round 3: God Put A Smile Upon Your Face vs. Charlie Brown Round 4: The Scientist vs. Us Against The World Round 5: Clocks vs. M.M.I.X./Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Round 6: Daylight vs. Major Minus Round 7: Green Eyes vs. U.F.O. Round 8: Warning Sign vs. Princess Of China Round 9: A Whisper vs. Up In Flames, i hate both... Round 10: A Rush Of Blood To The Head vs. A Hopeful Transmission/Don't Let It Break Your Heart Round 11: Amsterdam vs. Up With The Birds
  4. it can be major minus? i think the ep version have some aditional vocals
  5. i love playing it on the piano and singing, my range is biaritono like chris so i can sing the intro perfectly. Its a great song but it dont fit on MX story and chemistry, of course its just my point of view
  6. Keronte


    http://i44.tinypic.com/141qf7n.jpg dont consider the A, i guesssssssssss
  7. enjoy my cover, of us against the World :D many people said that my voice is kinda similar to chris's voice hope you like it :) http://youtu.be/KQAJ1cXaLKY
  8. Live 2012 more than a concert, its a movie...
  9. Viva la vida Lovers In Japan (these goes on a higher category, two of greatest songs in the world...) ... 1-Glass Of Water 2-Death And All His Friends 3-Life In Technicolor ii 4-Chinese Sleep Chant 5-Violet Hill
  10. My Favourite album is Mylo Xyloto, not even the songs are good, look at all the artwork and the arrangements on stage, the colours, its just full of life. On the other hand i think musicaly Viva La Vida is as good as MX y love it so much to, but MX have more power hahaha. X&Y have my favourite song Fix You and I love songs like Square one and The hardest Part, but it has some extra songs like Twisted logic or X&Y that i dont like that much, and it is realy dark, theres no bright colours in that album. I LOVE LOVERS IN JAPAN!
  11. Yellow... JUST KIDDING, i think We never change A whisper Twisted Logic Yes from 0:00 to 4:00 i love CSC Up in Flames
  12. yeah yeah sounds good but WHAT A NICE T-SHIRT!! HAHAHA
  13. Parachutes A Rush Of Blood To The Head Live 2003 X&Y Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends Viva La Vida Prospekt's March Edition Mylo Xyloto Mylo Xyloto (Vinyl) Live 2012
  14. One of my favourites in all time... but what would be DLIBYH without AHT think about it, yeah i know, DLITBYH is amazing but when you start listening to a hopefull transmission you start to shake your body and a litltle bit dancing just to keep JUMPING on DLIBYH AHT/DLIBYH my favourite song on the album
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