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  1. Links to this song were not and will never be allowed to be shared on this forum, sorry!
  2. the pub will never truly die
  3. also since this is politics related they are legally obliged to play Politik, I don't make the rules
  4. guys it's LIVE LIVE they're actually in the same room!! 35 minutes to go -> https://www.instagram.com/coldplay/
  5. I must have shared it once because it's still sitting in my mediafire files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/p53esis6yzjpm7q/Digital_Tour_Pack_MX.zip/file @raisethisnoise
  6. ^ That's an old quote from last year, doesn't say much about tonight especially seeing how much the world has changed since then obligatory of course they could play something new tonight, but...
  7. Here's a handy time zone converter: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Coldplay+to+Clown+Fans+Again%3F&iso=20200918T2213&p1=179&am=30
  8. Captain Crieff


    joined in 2003....a coldplaying graduate!
  9. same here, sometimes. refreshing the page solves it but yeah, probably worth looking into, @stephen
  10. here's the local old man enjoying his very busy day yesterday (he napped all afternoon)
  11. yes they all love me 💕 except for the bird, she's still new and scared poor bb
  12. just a reminder the cats own you and not the other way around
  13. ok aircon is even better but look at her she's so pretty
  14. sorry, popped out for a second because my new fan arrived (the thing that blows air, not a person)
  15. in 2014 they'd probably have thought it was the new conscious uncoupling
  16. alright good because *sneezes* all this *sneezes* dust *sneezes* makes me seem suspicious
  17. This is the best day of my life wait a minute, does this pub have a curfew?
  18. Celien on Coldplaying in 2020 omg!! maybe there should be a thread for old members who come back solely to use the smileys
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