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  1. no, until Chris enquired what that reindeer.......thing was lmao
  2. Steve Lamacq is playing an exclusive track from this session in just under an hour and a half (4:30 pm GMT) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_6music
  3. updated the thread title with some more info :) So the show starts at 7:25 pm CET tonight, Coldplay will probably be on around 8. You can watch here: https://www.tf1.fr/tmc/direct You'll need a VPN outside France spot our lovely mod @Coeurli in the audience!
  4. noooo @Coldplay 's account is much older
  5. It's a French talkshow which they'll appear in. Glad some fans managed to get it because that's often tricky with these things!
  6. so actually Chris' answer should have been "with all due respect, ok boomer"
  7. I can't believe that username was still avaiable (Welcome!)
  8. by uploading them manually and posting them as pictures I've sent them all to Stephen so hopefully they'll be back soon
  9. Thinking about working together with another artist to share infrastructure... Would it also be possible to negociate with festival organisers to use their stuff? If they don't want to play the actual festivals, they could technically still use those stages perhaps? Rock Werchter already does this, they build everything up, for the main festival in the first place, but in the weekends before or after the festival they have 2 or 3 one-day festivals centered around a big headliner. A festival like Pinkpop doesn't do that (?) but maybe they could also leave their infrastructure for a week or so after the festival. I don't know if I'm overlooking major things lol but this solves the problem of finding a band to tour with.
  10. Then the French television news was wrong, it seems. It's true they'll probably get flack no matter what they do (just because they're Coldplay and hating on Coldplay is #cool), but when it comes to reducing their ecological footprint while touring, there's a lot they can do. It's all not impossible. We've been discussing some possibilities here in this thread: https://www.coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/sustainable-touring.126155
  11. I'm so confused about the part where the interviewer goes on about how 8 albums in 19 years isn't productive? What? That's an album every 2.5 years how in the world is that unproductive? I feel like this interview could have been so much more.
  12. Not in Europe I believe, but maybe in the US... there were butterflies during the MX tour but the colours look different. @coldplayisawesome probably knows best!
  13. is that Viva era confetti? those must be pretty rare nowadays!
  14. p l e a s e j u s t P M s o m e o n e w h o s a i d t h e y h a v e t h e f i l e s i n s t e a d o f a s k i n g i n t h i s t h r e a d
  15. Anyone recording this? [MEDIA=twitter]1201206837309251584[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/absoluteradio/status/1201206837309251584?s=21
  17. please just PM @M Marks The Spot or anyone else who has the files instead of repeatedly asking in this thread, it probably won't help (I don't have them myself)
  18. UHOH ._. yeah totally, that's great! and you even got through a bumpy landing, those are never fun even when you don't really have flight anxiety
  19. They probably don't lol. But they had a point. Posting the full text like that is a breach of copyright even when you link to the original source. It is what it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  20. aaawwww @I ran away thank you so much for writing this super detailed report! I love reading this kind of stuff. It totally reminded me of my big Coldplay adventure back in 2014 when I magically got a ticket to see them at the Royal Albert Hall. It was my first proper trip to London as well (and my first solo trip abroad, as a 17 year old) I met up with sooo many fellow fans too and had the most wonderful time. My review/diary entry of that is still buried somewhere deep & far away on the Coldplaying server hehe. So good to read you had such an amazing time! You said something about seemingly undeserved luck, but there's clearly nothing undeserved about this. You've had a rough time lately and you're such a big fan, it's hard to think of someone who'd have deserved it more. Then again there are so many people who deserved it just as much. I've got to say when @SpinningPlates PMd me I immediately thought of at least 4 people (Céline, Claire, Nie,... I'm so sorry you remained ticketless :sob:) I realised I probably had to decide within a second or he'd PM someone else so I guess your Twitter spamming worked there. I totally agree with your point about a 3k capacity venue, that would have been so much better. I mean yeah that looks less special and exclusive and there'd be no blue whale skeleton hanging above everyone's heads, but it's still an extremely small venue for Coldplay and much less fans would have been left out. Argh. Oh and, the flight back home without anxiety meds? That's some great progress there! The power of music and what it can lead to :heart:
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