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  1. they have uploaded the whole Kaotican alphabet to the site: https://www.coldplay.com/kaotican-alphabet/ if anyone wants to become fluent
  2. new picture of the band! photo by Dave Meyers and art direction Pilar Zeta
  3. no no they put WAY too much effort in this, I mean they invented a whole alphabet and spent thousands on all those billboards
  4. not the most surprising news but hey, new Coldplay single called Higher Power will be out on 7 May!
  5. Someone else suggested Persian? I tried making Google translate listen to it and translate it from Persian but it didn't understand anything then again, when I make Google translate listen to the Dutch snippet for instance, it doesn't understand either lol edit: apparently it's not Persian either
  6. Anyone know what language this new snippet is? https://alienradio.fm//wp-content//uploads//2021//04//ARFM-9-1.mp3 in the sitemap, the corresponding station is called czech, but it's not Czech....
  7. semi off-topic but nice new layout here on the forum @stephen!
  8. A Belgian radio station just posted an article about this whole thing and it said the website alienradio.fm is online since today ummmmmm well.....
  9. discovered by ColdplayXtra: a sentence has appeared in one of the constellations in the html of alienradio.be
  10. if this can be translated to (English) words, this one here almost has to stand for 'a' if those vertical stripes stand for a space. unless it's a number. Right?
  11. signal.svg has just changed: it's now called SIGNAL-TOO credit to @LelieJens who first saw this
  12. Okay so I opened the svg file in Illustrator and the ellipses and rectangles (all separate layers) are indeed in a seemingly half-random order: the first layers are the bottom 2 "long" rectagles then all the ellipses and rectangles on the last two rows, but not in a logical order light left to right or right to left or column per column, it seems random then the middle 2 "long" rectangles then the ellipses and rectangles on row 2 and 3, again not in a logical order then the top 2 "long" rectangles then the ellipses and rectangles on the first row, again not
  13. pretty sure Coldplay are way out of Down The Rabbit Hole's league, if you look at recent headliners. And they're also not really the type of act they book It'd be great though, I love that festival Also why would the Scottish one be Glasto?
  14. ...and FFTF2024 means Fooling Fans 'Til Fucking 2024 *circus music starts* no seriously, it has to mean something, everything on that website probably means something
  15. I'm far from convinced the signal is actually a melody, I still think it's words (or maybe a number and a word) but it kinda has to be an existing code language because otherwise how do they want us to decipher this? I swear this goddamn thing has given me a migraine
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