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  1. OMG this is true Buckin glory moment :cool::cool::cool: :p
  2. A Chris on a stick needs to get inside, like who is going to perform? Duuuh? :D
  3. Lol, guys have you seen this? haha, I wonder how did Chris react on that :)
  4. God, I wish I was able to watch it. Hope that somebody will record it somehow.
  5. 1.Hypnotised 2. All I Can Think About Is You 3. Something Just Like This 4. Miracles (Someone Special) 5. A L I E N S First two remind of old Coldplay, the rest is also very good but Hypnotised and AICTAIY immediately stole my heart
  6. I ordered on june 23rd and the order became completed on 27th, still nothing. But I'm ordering from Poland so maybe that's why it goes so slowly.
  7. How long are you waiting already?
  8. Okay, so I searched for a thread like this but could not find it, so I hope I'm not making a duplicate right now. Where and on what do you wear your buttons? Show us what you've got :). Did you order yourself a pack of buttons? I'm waiting already two and a half weeks for my package, I hope it will eventually come :)
  9. When I'm listening to Hypnotised and All I Can Think About Is You I really can feel old Coldplay and I'm so happy and glad that they did not completely abandon this old sound. I need to listen to ALIENS and Miracle about 100 more times to start really liking the songs, but I'm on my way :). Something Just Like This is already one of my favourites in recent days. It really grew on me during the concert :). It's really awesome to be excited about new Coldplay release again :)
  10. I'm glad that my reply convinces you a bit :). And Boston is a great city. If money is not a problem than stay there a bit longer and do some sightseeing. Personally I love Boston and i deeply regret that I've been there for only two days :). Also Red Sox game sounds cool. I'm not sure if this will appeal to your wife as well lol, but why not! Go for it if you can. You definitely won't regret going to Coldplay concert. It's magical and so worth every money. You can only regret not going, remember that :).
  11. As I mentioned, maybe it's not a good example to compare Europe with United States, but still If he really cares and if he can, than he should go because other people may not have as many opportunities as he has. I hope this will convince CHANDLERHALL16 to go ;)
  12. I'm very sorry to read that. I understand that you're disappointed, but still I think that United States in general is in privileged position. You guys get so many Coldplay concerts. Think about going to another city tho. I know that it's not quite accurate to compare United States to Poland, but when Coldplay finally got there 3 weeks ago, people from all over the country came to this one place because we only had this one show in Poland. Not even to mention people from other countries that came to Poland for this concert. People from Ukraine, who never had a chance to see Coldplay in their o
  13. Lucky you! I did not get my love button at the concert because the girls that were giving xylobands did not have enough time to put a button next to each. Anyway, I ordered a pack from the website and spent huge amount of money on that (the shipping cost me 30$!) but at least i know that this money will go on something good so... :)
  14. Wow! I guess I should had worn elephant suit too to get on stage haha!
  15. Tell us more about the elephant man :). Was he invited on stage, or did he randomly manage to get on stage?
  16. Why do you give up? I think if you get there early, you have a chance
  17. I thought the hat was glued to his head haha. Good to see Jonny without it tho :)
  18. I had EE tickets and I could easily get the barriers next to the run. A lot of people behind me were holding regular GA tickets, so it's possible to have second row, definitely yes. Also I arrived there at 15:30 and the gates were open an hour later. No problem with getting the barriers, I didn't even have to run :).
  19. I don't think that he embarrassed her. It was so sweet and funny, I'm sure that she knew he was joking. Whole stadium had fun :)
  20. Nah, she said that she loves bananas, Jonny is sexy, and UATW makes her so happy that she wanna kiss Jonny's face ;)))
  21. Finally! After 5 years! I've been waiting patiently, sometimes loosing my hope even...but they will finally come to Poland! God, I'm so happy :)
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