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  1. my question is song related. i think that coldplays songs relate to what they are going thru your life so if they havent of gone thru that moment in there life like example feel in love would they change it the songs? for example if they hadnt of feel in love would certain songs not exist would they change like the scientist lyrics? - im going back to the start?
  2. for the better! i love this guy she will never be as good as him she knows that!
  3. Howdy yes ive had my tatt it doesnt hurt its a small one i love it! it took a month to heal and the feeling wasnt painful just a bit tickles afterwards it feels itchy for a few days it stang more than painful i got a circle like cms
  4. yes i hope its created that way im in a band too whats with chris come home sweetie!
  5. Doesnt coldplay love Australia? well if they go to sydney again or adelaide i know how to get there im from perth its a 3 hour flight i was going to do it for mx but didnt want to go alone im very dedicated and have seen two concerts even got a tatt and wrote to debs laugh if u want but i believe they have changed and saved my life
  6. berry chick turns chris looker? ha your sure right Harvey guy chris they all look so attractive! oh atlas is magic and the shares lately are great thanxs!
  7. Dam right! stuff those people who only know about mx but believe they know all coldplay
  8. guy its all guy got to admit that even if im 30 soon

  9. in your opinion least we know we are not stalkers!
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