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  1. Agreed.... it looks and sounds legit... of course I could be wrong but this is something the the guys would do... #fullofsurprises
  2. Maybe..... but probably not this time around :)
  3. That's the way I decipher the letter as well. Both Sunset and Sunrise come out 22 November :) :)
  4. Strings on the next album?! . I’m so ready !!
  5. This is crazy.... so how many other people here think the name of LP8 is Solar Eclipse? :P
  6. IMO, the Moon and Sun/star/whatever that last symbol is.. is probably the name of the album when put together. We saw MX for the longest time and in many places... I remember on the official site the open book image on the top of the page showing 'MX' on the outside of it. Just a guess to add to the hype!
  7. Their page went up to 220 videos from 208 yesterday. The 12 new ones are in private mode.
  8. 12 new videos on their YT page... teasers for the next 12 hours?? Maybe? :)
  9. Gotcha bro ! . We’re all in the edge of our seats! I’ll head back to Texas in December for Christmas and I’ll be hitting up Houston for the AVA show 12/22 :). I live in Germany now.
  10. I’ve JD for a while and I’d be highly surprised if he was trolling. I always see him in pics with Muse, Coldplay, and other top bands. We have had several convos via IG, mainly because he lives in Texas too :). I hope he’s not just trolling or me and him will have words !!
  11. I agree with your entire post 100% I like HLH/Up&Up and some other's live versions 10x more than the studio. There is almost no piano in Up&Up in the studio version :(
  12. I love when bands play new songs live before the album versions are released. Coldplay did this in 2011 when we all heard MX/HLV, Charlie Brown, and Major Minus at Rock AM Ring (I think?) before any single was released. An excitement I cannot describe came upon me when I first heard the Xylophone of MX. At this point.. we didn't even know what MX stood for. Arcade Fire played the songs live before releasing Everything Now as well. I have a feeling Coldplay goes this route.
  13. I feel like they just stopped touring a year or two ago....It's crazy how fast time flies... I am ready!!!
  14. I am happy to know this site will continue to stay up regardless of the amount of visitors!!! I have been through many eras (member since 2004) and look forward to reading and participating in discussions/hype leading up to the new album!
  15. Knowing Chris, I believe there is some significance behind the "enough tweeting for one month".. maybe I'm grasping straws too but I do have a good feeling...
  16. I LOVE this topic. I rarely post but I’d thought I’d be nice to share that I fell in love with the song Clocks the second I heard it on the radio. I had no idea what the song was called for the longest time but when I found out it was, Coldplay, I became an instant fan. That was back in 2004.... then I joined this forum... yes I have been here watching and reading posts for over 14 years...
  17. Unless....Coldplay's next "surprise" is a tour... but not an album promotion tour! It is the end an era and maybe the band feels like it would be a good time to play their hits from every album... just a guess...
  18. I am thinking Oct 11/12. The Texans play on the 15th and I feel like they need more time to clean/set up the field. The 13th would be great though!
  19. From this guy on Instagram who was posting videos from inside the arena today.
  20. Received 9/11 as the new date from a source. No official word yet though.
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