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  1. Oh wow, I didn't even think about it maybe meaning 2020 February 4! I like it!
  2. And the image on the left side (swirling galaxy ?) reminds me of Mylo :)
  3. Well your zoomed in photo depicts "Coldplay Coming Soon" 2024 is not soon..... Whatever this is, it's going to happen soon!!!!
  4. My take on why the band dislikes the album so much is because if what you just mentioned... there is no flow. I LOVE the album.. it's a collection of amazing songs/hits .. but that's it. Not good enough for Coldplay :)
  5. Ah, okay thanks !!! Iā€™m still waiting for my copy to come in
  6. Pardon my ignorance... well actually, I went through the whole thread and cannot located how this "Music of the Spheres" started... I do see the sphere like balloon figure on the main website, towards the bottom... ::shrugs::. Haha, thanks in advance everyone :)
  7. I received an email this morning that my order is on the way.
  8. I too believe the LP9 will be released around the usual time of year they release albums... I actually think we will get LP9 in June/July and they will headline a few festivals before a world tour in late 2020/2021. Keep surprising us Coldplay!
  9. If you don't mind sending it to me as well :) Thanks If you're able to.
  10. Pardon my laziness... but can someone list the 8 (or more) songs that turned Gray? Thanks :))
  11. I think you're on the right track. I am afraid we will definitely hear some old stuff on the record... If it sounds great, then fine :)
  12. LP8 is a double album. We're not sure about LP9 :)
  13. I was thinking about the correlation between the following three things..... 1. The chance of the band possibly using tracks from previous records (grayed out videos on YT/Spotify) 2. 1919 (100 years) 3. Experimental album/full of surprises portion of Chris's speech during the last show of the AHFOD tour. I can see this double album containing both new songs and 're-worked' songs utilizing all eras of music from the past 100 years.... The 'new' songs will also sound not very modern... basically they will sound "classic", utilizing instruments used back in the day. I think the band using the old typewriter for the letter they sent out is a clue. Maybe ALL songs on both CDs will contain parts from the grayed out songs but I HOPE NOT. I would like to hear some brand new songs. I rarely post on here but this just randomly came to my mind and I can see the band doing something like this.... now days where "everything is possible" I won't be too mad if I am right but I hope we get 16-18 new songs.. Keep in mind they are coming out with a more conventional/mainstream album next year so we all have to accept the fact that the sky is the limit for LP8...
  14. The latter... LP8 is two discs according to the tracklisting released from Amazon.
  15. I see a countdown on the website!! We are close!
  16. I agree with both of you... We are so lucky to be living in this lifetime with Coldplay around... I trust the ideas of the band 100%. I am ready to take in whatever they come up with! It;s a great time to be alive ! :) :)
  17. Embrace change and stay positive. This album will be great :)
  18. Interesting!!! I think the show was during the VIVA era actually... it came on right before the Grammys where they won Album of the Year :) Either way, good find!!
  19. Oh my.... it looks gorgeous!!!! I love the colored font
  20. YUP!! As I said.. .this is something the band would definitely do!! They are unpredictable these days... #fullofsurprises
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