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  1. aaand as expected, they updated the floor diagram!! Crazy they're doing it 3 days before the show. I guess I should expect this to happen a few days before the Dallas show. This affects me because I have VIP and I don't like my seats as much judging from the modified chart. If you have floor seats, especially VIP, check out the map! (I cant attach anything right now, I'm at work).
  2. It's safe to say that all stadiums will use the same floor design right? New England and Dallas still haven't updated their seating chart ///
  3. Anyone know which area of the arena the c stage is? Thanks :)
  4. I am from San Antonio and I am attending the Dallas show two days later but I am seriously thinking about flying to Tulsa for this show before going to Dallas...Any Coldplayers here want to hang out and grab come drinks/food before the show?? I am 60-70% sure about purchasing a ticket and going but It'd be even cooler if I met up with some hardcore fans before ;) BTW - I want to hear LiJ or LiTii during for the request song!
  5. I'll try this. It'll be awesome if they can do this with VIP seats
  6. That's pretty messed up. I currently have VIP seats for the Dallas show that are supposed to be along the right catwalk(seats 1-2). They cost $750 a pop and wouldn't have purchased them in they weren't along the catwalk.... I also can't sell and rebuy tickets since they are VIP...BS. :(
  7. I'll be in section B and I'm down to meet y'all for a drink if that's cool. I actually have another seat next to me I'm taking applications for.. [emoji23][emoji23] Hahha jk.. Well not really, my friend may back out :/
  8. Any females want to be my date for the show??! [emoji23][emoji23]. My best friend John backed out... [emoji26][emoji26]
  9. Oh A Message... Such an underrated song.. Love it so much!!
  10. Does anyone else want the band to play Lovers In Japan again?? I love the live version!!
  11. I think the multicol is referring to the Xylobands.
  12. I agree.. I'll be okay is this isn't real. I really wanna hear Lovers and LIT
  13. [ATTACH=full]4291[/ATTACH] Look what I found! :)
  14. [ATTACH=full]4290[/ATTACH] Just found this..
  15. Ok out of all the set lists I have seen in the past few days, this looks correct and realistic. I would love to hear ETIAW and Lovers in Japan but they have too many good songs to be able to play them all!! I'm excited!
  16. Most of myself thinks that's the set list but... No Charlie Brown or ETIAW??? That can't be!!! There's no way! Coldplay is not a band that changes the set list every night but if this set is true, then I have to think they will be changing it up every night. I really want to hear LIJ too :/
  17. Hey everyone! I'm sure the tickets are sold out right?? In getting deployed from the US soon and I may be able to make this festival! Where do you recommend I look or buy tickets from?? Thanks!
  18. My review: I felt like I had to watch it 5-6 times before I could write a review of he show. My initial reaction after seeing it live the first time was "Wow that was quick". I felt like Beyoncé and Bruno took way too much of Coldplay's time. I also felt like the whole performance was rushed and the songs transitioned too fast. After watching the performance 4-5 more times, I understand now that there was a method to the madness. The theme was "past present and future" so I can see why Bruno and Beyoncé were playing but again, they took up too much time. I really liked Coldplay's performance, you can tell they practiced. I liked the song selection, especially the Clocks/Fix You/Up&Up but it would have been nice to fit it some ASFOS or ETIAW. Watching it live, I didn't even realize Chris was singing different lyrics to Fix you to go along with the montage on the screen (Purple Rain, Beautiful Day, etc), just amazing!! I loved the end with Up&Up although I wish Chris drew out the believe in love part out longer.. (Maybe he was winded) lol. Anyway, awesome performance and this is a HUGE milestone in the bands career. It doesn't get any bigger than the Super Bowl and I am proud of the band for achieving this amazing feat. Of course, there is constant backlash of their performance by non-Coldplay fans but as Chris might say.. "F*** em!" Lol
  19. Could explain the ridiculous ticket prices .. [emoji53]
  20. I was kinda hoping for at least a little bit of ASFOS.. But I like the set list if it's real!
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