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  1. Ready to drive from San Antonio if the concert is a go!
  2. If they cancel do to weather, I am pretty sure you will get your money back...
  3. According to someone who called NRG a while ago, NRG will make a decision after a 2pm meeting today...
  4. I am driving from San Antonio and it will be very bad Saturday, not Friday so I am not backing out. That would be a great idea if they just had Coldplay start at 7pm.
  5. I'll be in Section D along the catwalk, im so excited!! Anyone here want to meet up for a drink or take a few pics together? I'll be wearing a back to the Future hat...;)
  6. Hello Coldplayers!!! I will be attending the Houston gig and I am blessed to be sitting along the catwalk towards the front. I really really want to try and get a setlist! Any tips? I'm sure it would help to call the roadies by name?? Thanks in advance and love you all!! Chris
  7. I'm pretty sure the new songs will be played during the 2017 legs of the AHFOD tour. Remember when the VIVA tour played Glass of Water and ended with LiT ii in 2009? :)
  8. Yeah... There are a ton of floor seats available for the Houston show! They may have overestimated or announced the NA Leg 2 dates to early. They are a year away!
  9. Section D Row 6, 1-2 along the runway for Houston!!
  10. Anyone have any guesses when they may start NA Tour leg 2? After the European tour?
  11. Posted some awesome videos from 5 rows away from stage! Crd_88 #coldplaydallas is my Instagram game. What a incredible show!
  12. The day is finally here Coldplayers!!!! Look for this hat and say hi! Haha [ATTACH=full]5782[/ATTACH]
  13. Any Coldplayers want to meet up before or at the show? It'd be awesome to get a group picture! I wont be hard to locate.. I'll be wearing a Marty McFly shiny hat and a Hindi Coldplay shirt. 3 days everyone!!!
  14. Section B Row 7, you? It'd be awesome if we can gather Coldplayers and get a group photo. BTW - You can't miss me, I'll be wearing a super shiny Marty McFly hat with the Hindi Coldplay shirt haha
  15. haha nah she is going :) Section B row 7!
  16. I'm pretty sure your seat locations are not affected. If they were, you would have recieved an email. As far as your view..it has changed. Looks like you were next to the smaller catwalk before the reconfiguration that shows the single runway.
  17. I'm annoyed how the floor diagram hasn't been updated yet. As of now I'd be the first row along one of the catwalks... not after it's updated! :/
  18. Thanks, I'll do the same. I have been checking everyday haha
  19. Yeah Dallas still has the same diagram.. I'm sure it will be changed days before the show.. Not too cool since I have VIP seats and like you, I will be further from the hand as expected. I'm going to give ticketmaster a call as soon as I see the change so I can change my seats.
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