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  1. Ohhh yessss. Up&Up to end the show.. I may shed a tear in front of my friends lol
  2. CBS went to commercial but said a behind the scenes interview is coming up the band. Maybe we have seen it before? Anyway it's on next and AHFOD was playing in the background before commercial
  3. It's very fitting that my AHFOD mug and calendar came in yesterday! Drinking coffee and counting down to the big game and even BIGGER performance! [ATTACH=full]3938[/ATTACH]
  4. Which video had Up&Up in it? Thanks! I really hope they play it!
  5. Maybe the band starts or finishes with ETIAW w/fireworks!! :) after all.. They started with the song at Global Citizen.
  6. NOT HAPPY - she better only play this crap for two minutes.
  7. Only reason why I mentioned Beyoncé and Clocks is because of that photo that was floating around here a week or two ago that included Beyoncé and Clocks. Who knows what will happen, let's just wait til tomorrow!!
  8. I have a feeling neither will happen.. Apparently there will be a surprise relating to Beyoncé but I'm really predicting she will be participating in a Coldplay classic... Maybe Clocks? Lol.
  9. I said this before but if Up & Up is played.... I will be very [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]. I want the world to hear this amazing song!
  10. Maybe all the fans will be given a card to hold up at certain moments of the show, like the Michael Jackson performance back in the day lol
  11. Normal sale for the original date started today. They're pretty decent seats of someone wants to go solo lol. Pulled up a 209 row 6.
  12. Isn't there also a choir performing is it just the orchestra? If Up&Up is played... [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3] #highlydoubtit
  13. I find it kind of strange too but I'm getting the feeling the band only wants to play what people know. Remember, they are playing in America and I think they rather play songs everyone can sing along to rather than play a new single. I am curious what we're going to get from Beyoncé though...
  14. Sunday night show added! @Coldplayatlas: NEWS: Coldplay add 7 more US #AHFODtour dates to their Facebook Events calendar. Same locations, Sunday nights. [fb] https://t.co/7yJxyMyvLL/s/uAnV
  15. I really hope this is the most watched game of all time!! It will be because of the band we know and love ;)
  16. Yup!! The initial reaction to a lot of people here after Coldplay was announced to be the half time performer was "oh lord.. " etc etc but this is HUGE. I live in America and the Super Bowl is one of the best days of the year. I get invited to super bowl parties from people who don't even watch football!! It's all about getting together with your friends to drink, eat, watch funny commercials and enjoy the game. I'm so thankful we get to see Coldplay this time around!! I cannot wait!
  17. You're exactly right.. You get a sense of how many people in the world are watching. Coldplay gets 12 minutes ;)
  18. Good job! Yah I learned today that I'm no longer using the web for tickets. I got all my tickets today via mobile !
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