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  1. To be honest, I have no idea how this album will sound. Bear in mind that this is the album they would have made if Chris and Gwyneth hadn't split up and Ghost Stories hadn't existed. A lot of the musical style on GS relates to the fact that it's a breakup album. It's very spacious and stripped-back, which wouldn't have happened if it wasn't the album it is, if you see what I mean. The last tour was very small. It would then follow that this one will be big, since they've had this album in mind since doing the last one. Just my thoughts. :thinking: As for the release date, I would hope that
  2. I was diagnosed with CFS a few months back. I have it mildly but some days it kills, so I can only imagine what you're going through. You deserve a rest as you've done so much work for the board for such a long time :) Have fun and I hope you at least improve soon :)
  3. Amelia UK X&Y is an incredible album. There are so many good songs - The Hardest Part, Talk, Low - that it would be terrible to have to choose. I could list every single one of those songs as a song that I love to listen to. I love Fix You - I know it's an incredibly important song to many people - because it just reminds me of my childhood. Even the b-sides are masterpieces (Gravity, How You See The World) and I don't know how I'd be able to live without them. It doesn't seem like nine years since X&Y came out. I've grown up with this album, and I'm incredibly glad I did.
  4. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou etc, etc… :wacky:
  5. Ugh yet another reason to hate the Daily Mail… This whole thing is pretty sad though. I don't think any of us seriously expected it. EDIT: it's on BBC News. This is big. I dread the album interviews now.
  6. When the instrumental of Talk is played on a TV show and you drop everything you're doing to listen and sing along. And then you get annoyed when they skip bits. And they skip bits but they DON'T EVEN GET TO THE GUITAR SOLO!!! I need to calm down ;)
  7. I especially want to hear Ink and O now… and I'm very jealous of everyone who was lucky enough to go! I hope they actually release this Live DVD (if it is a DVD) and don't scrap it like they did with the 2006 and 2008 ones. :confused:
  8. Ha ha ha we're lost without our thanks button :laugh3:
  9. Whoever bought this site will probably be hailed as some kind of Jesus from now onwards. So they'd better get ready for that.
  10. Oh. My. God. Logged on and this happened :stunned:
  11. IcingOnTheCake


    I suppose it's possible that it could be a music video for a random song, like Midnight was. But whichever song it's for, it looks like it could be pretty cool :dance:
  12. I think the rest of us just have no idea what the hell to do. Or we can't do anything. Or we've just sort of accepted it because not all of those 90,000 or so people use the board regularly. But there are probably some people that don't care. I'd like to think/hope that they're the minority.
  13. All you guys are so good at drawing! I sometimes wish I could draw but I'm afraid I can't :/
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