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  1. dat pun. I guess our only hope will be to wait for their comeback with a back-to-the-roots LP8. Until then we can only listen to all their b-sides or rare tracks and treat that compilation as our own LP7.
  2. Definitely Viva La Vida. This is one of my desert island albums. I would pick the special edition, which includes Prospekt's March EP.
  3. Haha I know this one from How I Met Your Mother :D Here's something from the great album Diamond Mine by King Creosote and Jon Hopkins:
  4. Haha, that article was a pleasure to read. My favourite part was this: "Our old pal the windy platitude blows in once more on Kaleidoscope, a musical interlude featuring not merely a sample of Barack Obama singing Amazing Grace, but a booming voice reading out Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī’s The Guest House, a poem popular with the manufacturers of motivational posters featuring soft-focus photos of sunrises and mountains in mist. Everglow, meanwhile, is the kind of nondescript piano ballad that amounts to Coldplay sounding the way that people who hate Coldplay think Coldplay sound."
  5. Prospekt's March may be (if this exists) their best song ever! The fact that this song is only known by a little number of people makes it even more precious for me. The song has a special place in my heart, together with only a handful of other songs. I still can't get over how they have destroyed the potentially best song on LP7, Up&Up, by that awful production. :(
  6. lol I love this. Someone should make a song out of it. :laugh3: There's a difference between being a successful entertainer and being a good musician.
  7. Hahaha yeah that was the worst part. :laugh3: It seems so bizarre that it could well have been a joke. I honestly can't imagine what was going through their head when they were putting this on the album, especially Chris saying this is his favourite!? IKR? I can usually understand why people like certain things more than others, even when I disagree. But rating GS higher than AROBTTH is beyond me. My only hope is that AHFOD will really flop in the charts and that it will be ripped apart by music critics so that the band will maybe wake up.
  8. That guy is great! His review of GS is the best one I've heard yet. I guess he'll rip AHFOD apart. :laugh3:
  9. So what are you guys thinking after listening to the bastard-child AHFOD? Was that it with Coldplay or will they one day gloriously return with a radically different LP8? For me GS at least had some gems like Midnight, O, All Your Friends, and Ghost Story but AHFOD seems to have no extraordinary songs. The title track, Birds, and Up&Up are pretty okay but not even as good as the b-sides to GS. I really try not to be too harsh with them but I can't ignore the feeling that this was the final nail in the coffin. :cry:
  10. 1. Up&Up 2. Birds 3. AOAL 4. Kaleidoscope 5. AHFOD 6. Army of One 7. Everglow 8. Amazing Day 9. Colour Spectrum 10. Fun . . . 11. X Marks the Spot 12. Hymn for the Weekend
  11. Wow, that really is controversial! :stunned: Well, I think we disagree here. HFTW is IMO a typical pop-r'n'b song like any other on the radio. Also I think it's fair to say that today's Coldplay belong equally well in the mainstream pop genre as Maroon 5.
  12. Today I learned I’m a nazi for liking classic Coldplay. This x10000!! I honestly can’t stand to hear this electronic clap sound anymore. It sounds so incredibly generic and cheap. Ok, now let’s go on to my review of the album. I’ve tried to be fairly unbiased and not hate anything just because it’s synthpop, nor praise it just because the name Coldplay is written on the album. AHFOD: 7/10 Nice opener with a groovy baseline. I would have preferred a wider production with a rawer sound. Birds: 8/10 One of the best songs on the album. It's far from being in their top ten but it's
  13. Am I the only one who thinks that it sounds very similar to Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar? [video=youtube;8-ejyHzz3XE]
  14. Looks really beautiful! I love the fact that it's still a jewel case. The front cover of the case will perhaps be just the flower of life over a black background.
  15. Well, the music video is really quite funny. If you had told me a year ago that we'll see the band as dancing apes I would have thought you're crazy. However, at times it felt a little silly and I usually prefer thoughtful videos instead of funny ones. I don't feel the urge to watch it a second time. As a lot of folks have said already, the obvious product placement is quite disappointing. I swear these Beats Pills keep appearing in every second music video... (usually in crappy pop music videos :laugh3:). It's not even an ethical question for me. It just kills the mood of the video because
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