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  1. It has not started here yet... I have to wait until 6
  2. It suppose to show here at 6 but i'm on mountain time... hmmm
  3. no you are right my order is saying 12.99 (I ordered back in March)
  4. Have you seeing the Howard Stern Interview? He talks about his dislike for Speed of sound and how the rest of the band views it.
  5. I say it will be a 68 after all is said and done.
  6. Too busy enjoying GS to think about the future for LP7 lol
  7. I think the Target one is Darker so this might be the one.
  8. That Ghost Story is not on the Main Album... hahaha
  9. Bronco

    Ghost Story

    Haha I totally get you mean... Maybe next time? O_O Until then we have this awesome chill album !
  10. Bronco

    Ghost Story

    I am very happy this song exist haha
  11. Bronco

    Ghost Story

    I love it too!!
  12. Bronco

    True Love

    Haha I totally get what you mean. Just let the song play with out you forcing it on yourself. Saying "I have to like it!" It's how I came around to liking Major Minus.
  13. Bronco

    True Love

    If you don't like the song man that's alright Coldplay doesn't make a perfect tune every time so just enjoy what you do like and let go of the of the rest. It's better that way.
  14. The entire album is out and you ask for the 3 extra songs? sigh...
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