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  1. What I hear from the snippets and live performances: AHFOD= U2 Up&Up= Oasis Army Of One= Radiohead Birds= Arcade Fire HFTW= Beyonce
  2. I guess one day Coldplay will release a countdown for the music video of their new single. And finally they will release the video without sound just to tease us a little bit more. But obviously a lot of people here would be fine just to know the name of their new single :D
  3. Would have been a very great song if they left out those annoying electric claps and the "OoOoOoOo" parts.
  4. Well, I'm a German, so I am very happy about the victory yesterday. And I'm not really feeling bad for Brazil because they were simply too bad. We didn't want to humiliate Brazil, it's just the fact that Germany lost a 4 goal leading against Sweden some time ago, so I think they wanted to shoot about five goals for a safe victory. In the second half I was shocked by how bad Brazil defends. A few easy passes and goal. Now I hope for Argentina in the final.
  5. Sorry if someone has already mentioned it but I'd say it completely sounds like "2000 Miles".
  6. I guess they have done a lot more than just the GS songs in the last years...
  7. Type it in YouTube. It sounds very strange for a Coldplay song^^
  8. I really would like to hear A Spell A Rebel Yell, one of my favorites, buit I don't think they will ever play it^^
  9. I hope for Germany of course, but I'm not very optimistic.
  10. Sherlock is my favourite tv series (besides FRINGE :D). The third season just started in Germany, love it so far.
  11. Radiokopf

    2015 LP7???

    Yeah we talked about that a few days ago in the Radiohead thread^^. I hope for OK Computer mixed with In Rainbows and KID A.
  12. Radiokopf

    2015 LP7???

    Oh guys you forgot the most important: RADIOHEAD I could imagine that they also bring out a new album next year.
  13. You're right. It would make today's people notice them again and would also please lots of old fashioned fans. But I don't think they'll do that, I think the next album will be a mixture of KOL and AFP. Look at their songs played live during the last years. Really disappointing, AFP is just annoying and KOL has two good songs with Seperator and Codex IMO. Their last good song was Ingenue played live. It's on the AFP album with annoying instrumentals, but once Thom played it live on a TV show, really good IMO. [video=youtube;EZl6BRY9IYQ]
  14. I personally would like them go back to their roots, especially to OK Computer. I don't like KOL and Atoms For Peace at all, i hope they find another way... I hope for songs like Karma Police, Everything in its right place, 4 Minute Warning, Cuttooth...
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