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  1. 1. Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends (Best Songs: Viva La Vida, Violet Hill, Strawberry Swing) 2. A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Best Songs: The Scientist, Clocks) 3. A Head Full Of Dreams (Best Songs: not sure yet) 4. X&Y (Best Song(s): Fix You, Talk, Swallowed In The Sea) 5. Mylo Xyloto (Best Songs: Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, Us Against The World, Charlie Brown) 6. Parachutes (Best Songs: Yellow, Don't Panic) 7. Ghost Stories (Best Songs: Always In My Head, True Love, O)
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    I feel bad for you people who struggle to enjoy all of Coldplay's work. Even Another's Arms, Ink, A Whisper, Up In Flames, etc. - my least favorite coldplay songs - I still enjoy and think are decent. You guys are all analyzing their new songs as if they are some laboratory experiment or something. Personally, I just focus on what connects with me, what I find moving. And you know what..Coldplay has earned my respect. They've released so much brilliant material, I applaud them for going the directions they want musically. They deserve to be able to make what they want. Pop collaboration with R
  3. Round 1: Always In My Head (although I like Life In Technicolor 2 more) Round 2: Cemeteries of London Round 3: Lost Round 4: 42 Round 5: True Love Round 6: Viva La Vida Round 7: Violet Hill Round 8: Strawberry Swing Round 9: O A Lot of these were close for me, but I think Viva La Vida is overall the better album.
  4. 1. O (10/10) 2. A Sky Full Of Stars (9.5/10) 3. True Love (9/10) 4. Oceans (9/10) 5. Always In My Head (8.5/10) 6. Midnight (8/10) 7. Another's Arms (7.5/10) 8. Ink (7.5/10) 9. Magic (7/10)
  5. Neovulcan

    True Love

    I know this has been asked a thousand times, but I would appreciate if someone with the recording of True Love would also pm it to me.
  6. According to this website, A Sky Full Of Stars is #1 in 76 countries currently, and Ghost Stories is #1 in 11, including the United States. http://kworb.net/aww/
  7. Speed of Sound 5 Amsterdam 15 -------------------------------- Clocks 19 Everything's Not Lost 1 -------------------------------- Don't Panic 17 Christmas Lights 3 -------------------------------- Violet Hill 13 Shiver 7
  8. I was worried about this album after hearing Magic and Midnight, and then Always In My Head and Another's Arms at the Itunes Festival. But both Magic and Midnight have grown on me, and more recent live versions of AIMH and Another's Arms show they are actually pretty great tracks. ASFOS is also great, and O is sounds like it could be a masterpiece. Ghost stories ftw.
  9. 1. 0 - Sounds beautiful. No other way to describe it. 9.5/10 2. A Sky Full Of Stars - I love the "grand," fast paced, high energy Coldplay songs. This will be no exception. 9/10 3. Always In My Head - Sounds like classic Coldplay. The atmosphere and guitar playing really stand out in this one. 8.5/10 4. Oceans - Sounds like a more modern version of what could have been on Parachutes. Like it a lot. 8/10 5. Midnight -
  10. I just figured that most hardcore Coldplay fans, such as those on this forum, would be able to appreciate an album in its entirety, rather than only as individual songs. And there are people on here who are saying the song doesn't fit in with the album at all when they haven't heard it in context, that's all. Some premature judgement, don't you think? I can understand that some people don't like certain Coldplay songs, but I find it surprising how hard some rip into their "big" pop songs. ETIAW is actually one of my favorite Coldplay songs, next to Warning Sign, Strawberry Swing, Spies, Viv
  11. I made an account for the sole purpose of asking this. Why are all of you bashing this song so hard when 1. You haven't heard even an entire minute of the studio version of this song 2. You haven't actually heard this song in the context of the album? Can you at least give it a fair chance?
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