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  1. Also works as an emoji title 😛 They just might do it you know!
  2. If there is one thing I learned from the everyday life era, it was that we grossly overthink the meaning of the teasing 😂 In the end the 1919, sun, moon, choice for black and white thumbnails didn't mean much beyond the obvious...
  3. Interesting discussion - I already caved though. :joy: Have ordered my copy so hope its okay :D The boys always have great live performances. But if I take the example of Everyday Life (the song), I didn't hear the song before the performance and while I still enjoyed it, I only appreciated it's beauty after hearing the studio version... Dunno, for me I think, the studio version sets a kind of expectation of the song and the live version shatters it and it feels great. But the other way round takes away from both the things -- the performance seems alien and the album then will feel weird
  4. Yeah. Could be. I'm watching on a pretty low quality stream and it kills the audio as well: maybe that's why the energy didn't translate quick. I was still smiling like a doofus throughout though XD
  5. god. the whole episode seems so boring to me! And I actually like SNL (watch a ton of it on youtube)! :P
  6. Hehe. It was fun but Chris's voice is screwed right now XD and he needs a bit of cardio :P
  7. Hey guys! Will anyone be recording the SNL show? Also, is there a live stream? :confused:
  8. Do we know exactly which songs have explicit lyrics?
  9. It wasn't really a review though... But here you go (just used google translate so there may be mistakes) Coldplay is back with their long-awaited new album, "Everyday Life," which will be released on November 22. After seven successful studio albums, of which "A Head Full Of Dreams" was the last in 2015, the UK band now releases an eighth studio album. "Everyday Life" has 16 numbers, divided into two parts of 8 numbers, "Sunrise" and "Sunset". The cover of the album dates from 1919 and is a photograph of a band of the great-grandfather of band member Johnny Buckland. The album is, as
  10. Exactly what I wanted to say XD These titles are like the first things that might come to mind :P Cmon Chris! Lol. Hopefully the album is great! I slept through all of this excitement btw :( smh
  11. I agree completely! The uniqueness is in Jonny's tone, Chris's voice and the atmosphere/build-up created by the rhythm section (Will and Guy). Even if every song is not a "bleeding exploration of rock's edges" (as one article put it some time ago I remember), it is still uniquely and distinctly Coldplay -- which makes even their so-called lesser works awesome for me!
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